Are Maxi Micro Scooters Worth Their Expensive Price Tag?

Is the Maxi Micro Scooter Worth The Money? Our Best Kick Scooters Review

Micro Scooters in general are not the cheapest scooters to buy for your kids, but we do rate them among the best kids kick scooters and that includes the Maxi Micro model under review today.

The Maxi Micro Scooter is the larger sized Pre-teen to adult height kick scooter with 2 wheels at the front and the special steering mechanism. This kick scooter is the best for safety as it is the best kids scooter for staying upright, as I shall explain.

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So how am I qualified to write this review of the Maxi Micro Scooter? Well, my now 12 year old son rode his for 3 years straight. He started out on one of the Mini Micro Scooter models (here is the Mini Micro kick scooter for toddlers review that I wrote a while back).

Then my son graduated to the Maxi Micro Scooter when he was around 9 years old as the mini micro had really gotten too small for him. Actually that doesn't sound right. The scooter stayed the same size while my son had grown a lot and became too tall to ride it so comfortably!

So a little bit of background about my son. Those of you who have read my articles about helping kids to learn good balance will already be familiar with his story, but here is a quick recap for those who have not. By the way, my son's case is by no means a pre-requisite for using a Micro Scooter as kids of all abilities love them, not just kids who find it hard to balance well.

OK, so I initially chose the Mini Micro Scooter (the baby brother of the Maxi Micro Scooter reviewed here) when he was around 5 years old because my son had a lot of trouble maintaining balance by himself.

Due to a range of special needs and physical challenges he found balancing while walking a lot tougher than most kids. I am pleased to say that at the age of 12 he has now improved a great deal, almost to the level of a regular child of his age.

I must say that this improvement is in no small part due to his riding Micro Scooters at every opportunity. It is a simple premise, because these kick scooters have 2 wheels at the front, they don't fall down and provide a lot more stability that a regular Razor-type kick scooter.

This extra stability provides kids with the confidence to enjoy their kick scooters right off the bat and provides parents with the knowledge that the stability is a great safety feature. Less bumps and bruises are guaranteed with Mini and Maxi Micro Scooters.

So onto the Maxi Micro Scooter review. Let me begin by saying that this is one of the best quality kick scooters that you can buy for a young child.

Once they are out of the toddler phase, it may be tempting to spend a bit less and just buy a regular Razor scooter but the Maxi Micro provides peace of mind because it's ultra-safe and will last for years, even generations if looked after well.

Another important feature worth noting is that this scooter (like it's mini-me replica, the Mini Micro) actually has 4 wheels.

There is the famous and distinctive 2-wheel configuration at the front. I.e two wheels spaced apart. But they also have 2 wheels at the back to provide extra traction and stability.

The rear wheels are mounted right next to each other, so many people don't notice both wheels so think that the there is only one.

What's In The Box?

The box contains a well-packaged Kickboard and Handlebar Stem as well as a set of 4 allen wrench tools, a safety poster and assembly instructions. I usually keep the box and try to open them crefully as the re-sale value of  these products is pretty good on eBay. When I sell a used Micro-Scooter it will contribute to half of the price of a brand new replacement.

How Is The Maxi Micro Scooter Assembled?

There is only one thing to do to assemble the Maxi Micro and that is to push the Handlebar Stem into the mounting hole at the front of the Kickboard. It's so straightforward to assemble these things that anyone can do it.

This is a push-fit that clicks when the spring-loaded retaining clip is correctly in place. The clip is tiny but incredibly durable and in 4 years of constant use I never needed to replace it.

What Are The Minimum and Maximum Rider Heights?

My son rode the Maxi Micro Scooter from the age of 9 to 12 years. He is a tall kid and it was still fine for him at the age of 12.

I would say that a child's height could range from around 3 feet to 5 feet tall to comfortably use this kick scooter. The handlebar stem does extend for taller kids at the upper end of that range.

The handlebar will extend from 690mm at the low end to 920mm at the maximum height.

Can You Buy Micro Scooter Accessories and Spare Parts?

Yes! Micro Kickboard (the official manufacturer) offer a whole range of accessories from lights to bells and clip on bags for theIr kick scooters.

Spare parts for all the components are also available, but in 4 years of constant use the only part that I needed to replace was one of the handlebar grips.

What Materials Is The Maxi Micro Scooter Made Of?

The handlebars and stem are made of A grade aluminum and so are extremely strong. The Kickboard itself is made of high tensile Polypropylene & Nylon plastic which is crack-proof and appears to be pretty unbreakable.

The wheel bearings are made from high quality steel ABEC 5 precision units. The solid tires are made from durable 1200mm / 1000 PVC and are very quiet.

Does The Maxi Micro Kick Scooter Have A Brake?

Yes, the maxi micro has a rear wheel fender-type brake. The child needs to step on the sprung rear fender which then clamps down into the rear wheels, slowing the scoot down.

This technique can be tricky to learn, but once they get the hang of it they are good to go!

Does It Require Any Maintenence?

Apart from regular wiping down to clean the Maxi Micro, it does not need any regular maintenance. The wheel bearings are sealed ABEC 5 precision units and self-lubricating. The only maintenance issue I experienced was because we regularply scooted over damp, rough paths covered in small sticks, tree bark or gravel.

Because of the damp the rear wheels often got clogged up underneath the fender and I had to poke out the accumulated material with a stick so that the wheels could spin freely again.This problem only occurred because my son used to like to take the scooter 'off road' so much. I.e forest trails and gravel paths. Anyhow, de-clogging the rear wheels was an easy job and no big deal.

You do get a set of Allen Hex Keys in the box which are used to adjust and tighten the various parts like the wheels, bearings, axles etc.

How Durable Are The Wheels?

My son must have scooted a couple of hundred miles on his Maxi Micro over 3 years of continual use. Often we would go out on long trips together.

I would ride a bike to keep up with him while he scooted along on different surfaces like concrete, gravel and Tarmac.

We would have covered maybe 5 miles in a week and the tires are still not worn out. Clearly they are not in tip-top condition but they by no means need replacing!

Does The Maxi Micro Scooter Come In Diffent Colors?

Yes, it comes in about 10 colors or more. I am mainly showing you pictures of the blue one here because that's the one I bought.

Would You Recommend The Maxi Micro Scooter?

I simply cannot recommend Micro Scooters enough for their sheer quality and safety features. So, yes I would heartily recommend the Maxi Micro Scooter to any parent wondering if it is really worth the money.

If you just divide the price by the number of years use you will get out of it, it would be a minimum of $20 per year without passing it onto another sibling. How can this not be worth the money?

You can buy the Micro Maxi kick scooter here (lowest price: $99.99 ): Buy The Maxi Micro Kick Scooter In This Review Now!

They come in a range of colors, something to suite every child and also a variety of different handlebar options.


I also looked into all the different Micro Scooters out there for kids as there is a few in the range and it can be confusing to choose one if you are new to them. If you're not sure that you actually need the Maxi Micro Scooter then head over to the article that looks at the different types of Micro-Scooters for kids.

But regarding the Maxi Micro Scooter,  it is one of the best kids kick scooters on the market today. Period!

The good news is that Micro Kickboard have taken their experience manufacturing kids scooters and applied it to some of the best adult kick scooters which they now also make.

I hope you enjoyed my Maxi Micro Scooter review, please go ahead and leave a comment if you also have some personal experience with this kick scooter.

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