Compare The Top 15 Best Adult Electric Scooters

Top Selling Electric Scooter For Adults ReviewsMost of the best ride-on toys are battery powered and that includes these fun electric vehicles. The products in this list are all extremely well built and are a lot like mini motorbikes, except in a kick-scooter, segway or mini-moto format. Our shortlist of the top machines covers the entire rage from toys to commuter vehicles.

Some of the models below can travel at up to 30mph which makes them a proper mode of transport. This is quite some speed and it illustrates the fact that not all of the electric scooters on this list are toys!

At their best, electric scooters are marvels of mini engineering and at the forefront of electric powered vehicle technology. Our independent reviews of the electric battery-powered scooters here are featured on this page below the comparison table. Use the mini menu below to go to the specific product. Because escooters are great fun for adults and kids alike, we have reviewed a couple of models that are suitable for teens but they are mainly higher powered and larger adult versions.

Use the comparison table to help you decide which specification of electric scooter is best for your requirements:

Best Adult Electric Scooter Comparison

Image Name Color Battery Voltage Charge Time Ride Time Max Rider Weight Age Operation Brakes Speed Tires Features Product Weight Category Product Type Warranty Description Warranty Length Rating Lowest price Details
Buy the EcoReco M5 Electric Scooter In This Review Buy this EcoReco M5 Air Electric Scooter Now!
EcoReco M5 Black 36 v 5 hrs 250lbs Twist and go, variable speed hand throttle control Rear handlebar disc brake 20 mph Solid rubber Most efficient electric scooter, Folding, Solid tires, High speed, Good range 36 lbs Electric Scooter Adult Electric Scooter 180 days from the date of original purchase. Frame and forks, 2 years against factory defects . Battery and motor, 9 months/ 1000 miles of private use for the original purchaser/owner. n/a
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Buy the Swagtron Swagger Electric Scooter In This Review
Swagtron Swagger Black, Pink, White 24 v 2 hrs 250lbs Throttle thumb control Front handlebar brake, rear fender brake 15 mph Solid rubber tires Bright front LED light, Extremely lightweight scooter, Carbon fiber frame and deck, Well-known brand 17 lbs Electric Scooter Adult Electric Scooter 1 years
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Buy the Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter In This Review
Razor EcoSmart Metro Cream 36 v 220lbs Twist and go, variable speed hand throttle control Rear handlebar disc brake 18 mph Air-filled rubber tires Luggage rack, basket, rear disc brake, comfortable padded seat, spoked wheels 67 lbs Electric Scooter Adult Electric Scooter 90 days warranty n/a
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Buy the Razor E300s Electric Scooter In This Review
Razor E300s Gray, Blue or Pink 24 v 12 hrs 220lbs Twist and go, variable speed hand throttle control Rear handlebar brake 15 mph Air-filled rubber tires Padded seat, push start to save battery, High torque, chain driven motor 52 lbs Electric Scooter Adult Electric Scooter 90 days warranty n/a

Buy the Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter In This Review
Razor Pocket Mod Black/Turquoise/Pink/Purple/Dark Pink 24 v 12 hrs 170lbs Twist and go, variable speed hand throttle control Rear handlebar brake 15 mph Air-filled rubber tires Padded seat, storage area under seat, steel step-through frame 51 lbs Electric Scooter Kids Electric Scooter 90 days warranty n/a
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Buy the Glion Dolly Electric Scooter In This Review
Glion Dolly Black 36 v 220lbs Twist and go, variable speed hand throttle control Rear handlebar brake 15 mph Solid rubber tires Patented Dolly and Vertical Self Standing Feature. Folded you can walk with it like a roller bag suitcase. Charger, Scooter Cover and Pedestrian Bell now included 27 lbs Electric Scooter Adult Electric Scooter One year defect in materials and/or workmanship or 1,000 miles, whichever occurs first. 1 years
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Buy the Razor E100 Electric Scooter In This Review
Razor E100 Red, Blue, Pink, Pale pink 12 hrs 120lbs Kick start hybrid electric operation Front handlebar caliper brake 10 mph Air-filled front tire, solid rear tire Chain driven motor, Several colors available, Great budget kids electric scooter, Twist grip throttle, Air tires 29 lbs Electric Scooter Kids Electric Scooter 90 day limited warranty n/a

Things to Consider When Buying An Electric Scooter

Below there is a nice, short video that explains the main points to consider when thinking of buying an an electric scooter. As there are so many different types to choose from, it can be a little confusing when you first research the subject. The various Brands all focus on different features and functions of their products as this gives them a way to differentiate themselves in the market. However, do not be unduly swayed by the sales material.

It's best to take advice from people that actually know these products. A rider who has tested the scooter in the field is worth a lot ore than a salesman in a store. This is where product reviews come into their own because they tend to be written by people who have direct experience riding a particular product. As well as this website, we recommend that you head on over to and read all the reviews thoroughly.

To help you compare and choose the best adult electric scooter, here is a summary:

  1. Rider experience
  2. Age of rider
  3. Handlebar height
  4. Maximum weight capacity
  5. Local and State laws for electric scooter
  6. Storage space
  7. Purpose - commuting or leisure?

How To Decide Which Electric Scooter To Buy

If you take note of several key points then it will be easy to compare and choose the right e-scooter for your individual requirements. We recommend that you ask yourself the following questions when considering buying an electric scooter. If you are not even at the point of deciding that you actually want an one then head on over to our blog post 15 Reasons To Buy an Electric Scooter for Adults.

  • Do I need an adult version or a teen product?
  • Do I need to fold the e-scooter for storage or carrying?
  • What kind of mileage range do I need?
  • Do I need a small-profile product or is a larger machine OK?
  • Is a fast charge time important or is it fine if it takes all night?
  • Does my electric scooter need to have air-filled tires?
  • Can it be put in the trunk of my car?
  • What is my budget for the scooter? I.e. $500 or $2,000
  • Do I need a fastsmachine or is a slower speed OK?
  • Does the product have a Warranty?
  • Can I get spare parts for the scooter?
  • Do I know where I'm going to store the scooter?

The Top 15 Adult Electric Scooter Reviews

Energy Efficient EcoReco M5 Adult Electric Scooter

The EcoReco M5 Electric Kick Scooter for adults is probably the most energy efficient electric scooter on the market today. It comes with 5 Star ratings and top reviews. Expensive, yes but it's worth it because it's a tried and tested second-generation adult scooter that is compact and reliable. Fold it under your desk to charge it while at work.

The EcoReco company calculate the efficiency by the Miles Per Gallon equivalent and the M5 works out to around 2,000 miles per gallon. That means around 500 miles of travel distance will cost you $1. Tose numbers are hard to beat.

The EcoReco M5 has a good range and speed considering that it's such a compact vehicle and it's a comfortable ride with a nice digital speedo display on the handlebars.
Perfect for the urban office worker who lives in town, this e-Scooter will ensure that you never take a cab or a bus again. Use it to get to meetings and arrive in style while your colleagues are jammed up in traffic.

It has a faster than average charge-time along with a very good battery life. It takes around 2.5 hrs to 85% charge and 4.5 hrs to fully charge the battery. The EcoReco M5 is a good buy that will last for a long time and you will get to make the most of your investment by saving on travel costs in other areas.

Our rating:
  1. One of the most energy efficient electric scooters
  2. Folding
  3. Kickstand
  4. 36lbs weight
  5. Solid rubber rear tire
  6. Air front tire
  • 500 miles on $1
  • Top speed 20 MPH*
  • Up to 20 miles per charge
  • 2000+ battery charge cycles
  • Fast battery charge time
  • Slightly heavy scooter
  • Range can be much less for heavier riders
Lowest price: Check prices

Is The Swagtron Swagger Electric Scooter Really The World's Lightest?

Swagtron are well-known for being the people that brought the hoverboard to the mainstream. Since the troubles with the hoverbord batteries in 2015, they changed their name and started producing safety-certified electric scooters and hoverboards. Swagtron clearly have great cool appeal with their Brand name and celebrity endorsements but their is something special about this Swagger electric scooter and a good reason that it's a best-seller.

So first-up let me tell you that this Swagtron Swagger is almost identical to the Scuderia Ferrari electric scooter feature in this Top 15 Comparison table, but for less than one third of the price! You get the same beautiful slimline styling and super-lightweight carbon-fiber construction as the Ferrari. The Swagtron Swagger even has the nice aluminum rear mag-wheel that I like so much. If you can possibly stand to not have the Ferrari approval of you electric scooter but like everything else, then this scooter is your best choice.

You can travel for around 15 miles, depending on your weight on the Swagtron and with a top speed of around 15mph it's pretty fast for such a lightweight machine. I'm not sure that you would want to go much faster on such a light electric scooter. That said, I do recommend wearing safety gear at all times. There is nothing like avoiding bumps and bruises or worse when your traveling on a carbon-fiber super-scooter at 15mph. Swagtron have done everyone a service by bringing us this super hi-tech model at such a great price. No Ferrari? No it's a Swagtron and I have change to spare!

Our rating:
  1. Bright front LED light
  2. Extremely lightweight scooter
  3. Carbon fiber frame and deck
  4. Well-known brand
  • Super lightweight
  • Hi-tech
  • Almost identical to the Ferrari model
  • Great price
  • Does not have the toughest tires
Lowest price: Check prices
Detailed review coming soon

How Good Is The eMicro One Electric Scooter In This Review?

It looks like Micro Scooters have done it again. Not only have they been producing their incredible popular Micro Scooters and Kids micro Scooters for a number of years, but the Swiss design house have finally produced a clear winner with their very first electric scooter. The eMicro One is a triumph of branding and engineering and Micro Kickboard are rightly proud of it. The eMicro one is designed to be used as a hybrid. That means that it is light enough and designed to be used both as a kick scooter and an electric scooter

Micro are known for their high quality product and the eMicro is no different. An interesting feature is the fat rear wheel which provides more traction to the road. The emicro One has a good spec with a top speed of 12 mph and a range of 10 miles. It's more than enough for any daily commute. It is also extremely lightweight at around 16lbs and it does seem than Micro Kickboard have tried to make the lightweight a specific feature of the scooter. It has very slimline looks so the batteries are extremely compact and hidden away under the kickboard.

You also get the incredible 2 year warranty which shows exactly how confident they are about the eMicro One. It will also travel well because, as far as I know it's the only TSA approved electric scooter on the market. If that's the case, it's unique and a worthy travel companion for anyone who loves to ride high quality electric scooters.

Our rating:
  1. Fast charge
  2. Hybrid electric scooter
  3. 4 light battery indicator on deck
  4. TSA compliant
  5. Folding
  6. 3 ride modes
  • TSA approved for air travel
  • Handlebar easily removed
  • Great Swiss quality engineering
  • Amazing warranty
  • None to mention
Lowest price: Check prices

Is The E-twow Booster  the Most Advanced Tech Electric Scooter?

The E-twow/Uscooters Booster Scooter makes the Top 15 Electric Scooters simply because people rave about it. It has great ratings and has been popular for over a year now, so they are definitely doing something right with the Booster Scooter. It has an exceptionally good balance and is lightweight enough to be used as a regular kick scooter. Just use the power boost when you get tired and need a break from kicking.

the E-twow has customizable settings that you can access by using the brake lever in a certain way, the product manual explains everything, but these enable you to limit the speed as well as switch the cruise control on or off. You need not worry about security with the E-twow because you can just bring it in side with you when you reach your destination. No need to lock it up outside like a bike. It is light enough to carry around and it will fit neatly into the trunk of a car when folded.

This electric scooter is fast-charging and the components are waterproofed, but of course we don;t recommend that you take an electric scooter out in the rain when it's slippery. The warranty is excellent at one year and the scooter will provide a smooth ride as it does have dual suspension. There is not much else to say except do read the reviews on Amazon because people absolutely love the E-twow/Uscooters Booster Scooter!

Our rating:
  1. Front and rear shock absorbers
  2. Front electric brake
  3. Rear fender foot brake
  • Can be used as a kick scooter
  • Speed restrictions for younger riders
  • Highly portable
  • Lightweight
  • Motor start and brake can be abrupt
Lowest price: $749.00
E-TWOW GT SE Electric Scooter, 31 Mile Range, 25 MPH Max Speed, 275lbs Max Load, Adjustable Handlebar Height, Lightweight(29lbs) and Foldable, Great for Commuting, UL Certified Buy now
Off-road all-terrain hoverboard review and demo

We took a powerful off-road hoverboard out for a test drive and gave it the once-over in a detailed look at why the all-terrain hoverboards might be worth your money over the regular less-powerful models. If you need power, sturdiness and to travel over gravel, grass, mud and in wet conditions  then you should really consider an off-road hoverboard. All models I looked at have some level of water resistance, all are UL2272 certified for safety and they vary between 2 x 350 watt motors to 2 x 400 watt motors. More bang for your buck and more fun without having to stick to riding on the road.

Our rating:
  1. Large 8.5" wheels
  2. Deep tire tread
  3. Rugged construction
  4. Water resistant
  • High power motors
  • Perfect for all-terrain
  • Good for all-weather
  • Weight around 32lbs
  • Difficult to master
Lowest price: Check prices

Kids Razor Pocket Mod and Sweet Pea Pocket Mod Best Kids Electric Scooter Review

The Pocket Mod kids retro electric ride-on scooter and it's cousin the Sweet Pea Pocket Mod look just like the real thing but smaller! These cute Italian Vespa style electric scooters for kids even have a brother - the Pocket Mod Vapor. The Vapor is cool and all-black. Made for modettes and mods alike, Razor really have the design nailed with the Pocket Mod.

Althought Razor recommend that this kids e-scooter is for ages 13 and up, I suspect that uch younger kids will be riding them around because they are a kind of real scooter/toy scooter crossover product. They do have a metal frame underneath the plastic fenders with real spoked wheels and air tires just like the real thing. However, they will not stand impact well and can travel at 15 miles per hour. Quite fast, I think for a toy.

As long as your kids wear appropriate safety gear like a hard helmet and elbow pads they will enjoy the Pocket mod safely. Like all Razor products a lot of thought has gone into the design and safety aspects. At around $239.99 I think this is a really special toy for the kid who has everything!

Our rating:
  1. Ages 13 and up
  2. 12" air tires
  3. 10 miles on one charge
  4. Vintage Italian styling
  • Real electric scooter
  • Air tires
  • 10 miles range on one charge
  • Up to 170lbs rider weight
  • Child needs to ride sensibly
  • Safety gear definitely required
Lowest price: Check prices

Uberscoot 1000w 36v Electric Scooter Review Available In Different Colors Including Green

Review of the Uberscoot 1000W 36v by Evo Powerboard. An incredible Uberscoot electric scooter for adults. Lots of fun and a sturdy build like a motorbike, this is a proper piece of kit for grown-ups! We give the Uberscoot 1000w 36v by Evo Powerboard adult electric scooter a 5 star rating for pure engineering excellence. This is the real deal built much like a motorbike for long-lasting transport fun.

It is much more like an electric motorbike than a scooter except much quiter. This Uberscoot is definitely not a toy. It is powerful and fast and will get you to the office in no time at all. The disc-braking system is excellent and the entire machine is high quality. These Uberscoots are designed in South Africa and shipped from the USA so you can get them delivered quickly.

It is worth mentioning that the 1000w 36v model reviewed here has now been superceded by the similar but more pwerful 1600W 46v model. This is good news because you get more power and more bang for your buck. The detailed review will help you understand the finer points of this machine but here are the highlights if you are short on time:

Our rating:
  1. 36 volt system
  2. Front and rear disc brakes
  3. 10" Air tires
  4. Chain drive
  5. Foldable
  • 18-20 mph speed
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life on one charge
  • Perfect for eco-friendly local transport
  • Very high quality manufacturing
  • Need maintenance like a motorbike
  • Will rust if not kept dry and undercover at night
  • Ensure all bolts are tight out of the box
Lowest price: Check prices

Review Of Best Childs Electric Scooter Razor E100

Another top-selling kids electric scooter on the market is this magnificent Razor E100. Great quaity and a fun ride for children from 8 to 13 years old. The Razor E100 is a great budget buy and has been one of the best seller children's e-scooters for a few years now.

It does it deserve it's top spot as it reall is good value for money and comes with the safety assurance of a top Brand like Razor. The E100 comes in a range of nice, bright colors. Bright Pink, Blue, Sweet Pea Pink and Red. It's recommended for ages 8 and older with a maximum rider weight of 190lbs.

After an inital 12 hour charge out of the box the Razor E100 scooter will last for over 40 minutes on one charge with speeds of up to 10mph. Safety gear is recommended as a fall at 10mph culd be painful. Razor offer a reasonable 90 day warranty on this product which provides peace of mind should anything go wrong. Here are the highlights:

Our rating:
  1. Available in Blue or Pink
  2. Kick start motor
  3. Chain drive motor
  4. 10mph top speed
  5. Good for ages 8 and up
  • Top selling e-scooter
  • Perfect entry-level electric scooter for kids
  • Reliable
  • Easy to put together out of the box
  • Only 100w of power so not for older kids or adults
  • Hard, solid tires not for off-road or wet conditions
Lowest price: $89.98
Razor E100 Electric Scooter - Pink Buy now
The Fastest and Best Rated Adult Electric Scooter 1200W Turbo Elite

This adult electric scooter has got to be one of the fastest models on the market today. 1200W of pure turbo power with excellent reviews. The look of the e-scooter is very technical like a Meccano kit and the chrome finish is great for protecting against rust. That said, like most electric scooters it is not waterproofed so do not take it out in the rain.

The Elite Turbo Chrome is the fastest reported electric scooter on the road right now. It will accelerate up to around 20mph pretty quickly and if you are on a flat, smooth road it will then slowly increase in speed up to around 30-35 mph. The speed depends a lot on the rider weight, wind conditions and road surface so it can be inconsistent.

In any case, if you need a top-class gadget e-scooter that will get you around the neighborhood and more at speed then this is the right scooter to choose. As with all e-scooters it's wise to do regular maintenance. Oil bearings, tighten nuts and keep the machine clean. Read the full review or just the summary below if you are short on time.

Our rating:
  1. One of the fastest electric scooters
  2. Chain driven
  3. Front and rear disc brakes
  4. Economy and Turbo modes
  5. 11" air tires
  • 34mph top speed
  • 6 Hour charge time
  • Up tp 25 miles travel distance per charge
  • 300 lbs max rider weight
  • Speed and battery charge time highly dependent on the terrain
  • Occasional issues with shipping and faulty parts on delivery
Lowest price: Check prices

Best Looking Folding Adult Electric Scooter The Reddie From Red Rhino

The Reddie is the best looking, high quality folding adult electric scooter on the market. The top-quality Reddie has the good looks to attract admiring glances and it's a stylish way for an adult to get around. The Reddie can fold and as such can be taken onto a bus or a train for that 'last mile' commute to the office. It's not too heavy at 22lbs so can easily be carried up strairs, into an elevator or put into the trunk of a car.

The Reddie folding electric scooter has a range of around 14-15 miles depending on the terrain. As with all e-scooters, if you spend a lot of time going up hill it wil use more power and shorten the range. This scooter is similar to the Razor E100 in that you need to ush start it. Kick the scooter along until you reach 3mph or so and the motor will automatically start and accelerate. With a max speed of around 13mph you can get around town in style and turn heads while you ride the Reddie.

It is also possible to use the Reddie as a regular kick scooter without damaging the motor, so if the battery runs out just kick the e-scooter home and give it a charge to be back to normal. The 12v battery can fully be charged within a few hours. Plug it in at the office for a full charge for the ride home. Here are the main features:

Our rating:
  1. Air-filled tires
  2. Belt-drive motor
  3. Easy to fold and store
  4. Simple to operate
  • High torque motor provides a lot of power to the wheels
  • 12v system is low voltage and quicker to charge
  • 4-6 hour battery charge time
  • Not as powerful or fast as other models
  • Rider weight up to 190lbs only
Lowest price: Check prices

How Practical Is the Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter?

Another quirky innovation from the well-known Razor company is this Razor EcoSmart Metro. Its clearly designed with the adult metro commuter or shopper in mind with it's wide kickboard and old-school styling. This is probably a perfect ride for the whole family to share or an excellent substitute for a bicycle if you are an older rider. The bicycle-style seat and small cargo shelf are nice touches but it shows that this electric scooter is tailor-made to get to school or the market because you can strap your books or shopping on the shelf with ease.

the Wide platform makes it easy to rest to big feet on as this scooter is not really designed to be used as a kick scooter. the large spoked bicycle-style wheels are very appealing as it the bike-style handlebars. It's a perfect transition electric scooter. If you're not ready for a hi-tech Ferrari model or a super-fast Elite Turbo fond elsewhere on this Top 15 Table then this Metro is your best choice.

The EcoSmart Metro can run for 60 minutes on full charge and take a rider weight up to 220lbs so it's sturdy steel frame certainly does the job and the powerful batteries make sure it gets there. The 16 inch tires are just like a bicycle's so no need for a special pump. The 36 volt battery delivers a top speed of up to 18mph so the EcoSmart is no slouch. It's really quite fast. I guess that's down to the larger wheels and 500 watt motor which delivers the power. All in all a great buy for running local errands or getting around campus quickly while carrying a load at the back

Our rating:
  1. Luggage rack
  2. Basket
  3. Eear disc brake
  4. Comfortable padded seat
  5. Spoked wheels
  • Carry basket included
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great price
  • Good all rounder
  • Fast top-speed
  • Does not fold
  • Cannot be carried
Lowest price: Check prices
Detailed review coming soon

Why Is The Razor E300S A Best Seling Electric Scooter?

Everybody knows the Razor company, those guys are famous for their kick scooters and they certainly know what they are doing having taken the kick scooter world by storm for many years now. Razor introduced their first electric scooter back in 2003 so they have a long history of producing this type of machine. The E300 is a classic and one of Razor's top-end kids electric scooters. The addition of the seat and seat-post created the E300S electric scooter and suddenly this classic model became suitable for adults who like to have an easier time than kids who don;t often like to sit down!

A lot has already been written about the E300S so I'll just stick to the main points. The first impression you get is that this is a very well-build machine for the money. It's made of steel tubing and has heavy Sealed Lead-Acid batteries under the kickboard which is extra-wide. The air tires make for a comfortable ride and the rear brake provides that element of safety when needed.

Although I very much consider the E300S to be a child's or teen electric scooter, it is one of the better made ones and will last for a very long time. It doesn't have the power, battery run-time or range of it's more modern counterparts on this Top 15 comparison table but it's still a worthy contender because kids love it and it's a tried and tested model. Give your teen kids a great introduction to the world of electric scootering. If you want a model for younger kids then look a the Razor E100 instead

Our rating:
  1. Padded seat
  2. push start to save battery
  3. High torque
  4. chain driven motor
  • Very well built
  • Great budget scooer for teens
  • Tried and tested
  • Heavy
  • Tech slightly old
Lowest price: $183.92
Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter - Matte Gray Buy now
Detailed review coming soon

The Glion Dolly Electric Scooter - 5 Reasons It's A Best Seller

Glion call their Dolly Electric Scooter the ultimate commuter scooter and it's easy to see why they make this claim. It is built to last and constructed with aircraft-grade, lightweight aluminum with powder coated and hard-wearing paint. It weights around 28lbs and they have a rather good patented dolly and upright standing system. This means no more struggling on the commuter train with a bicycle. The Glion dolly folds down in 1 second making it incredible easy to unfold and go. Storing it upright on the train, at home or in the office makes the Glion especially space-saving while it charges.

The 8 inch tires provide a comfortable ride and it has anti-lock braking technology for safety in those tricky moments when a collision is on the horizon. The Glion's 250 Watt motor is located in the rear wheel hub and is powerful enough to transport you up to 15mph with a range of up to 15 miles on full charge. that should make it easy to get to the office and back home again.

Glion call it the most efficient last-mile commuting transport ever and the combination of storage, trolley system and upright standing mode seem to bear this out. The controls are waterproof, which is an unusual feature in electric scooters so you can take it out in light rain. This Dolly is a best seller and the buyers reviews are generally excellent which give a lot of confidence when buying. A bona fide adult electric scooter rather than a kids toy, The Glion Dolly is a must-have for anyone who needs to replace their bicycle on the daily commute.

Our rating:
  1. Patented Dolly
  2. Vertical Self Standing Feature
  3. Scooter cover included
  4. Pedestrian bell included
  • Smooth power delivery
  • Good on rough roads
  • Super-quick fold mechanism
  • High torque motor good on hills
  • Brake needs power to operate
Lowest price: Check prices
Detailed review coming soon

How The eMicro One eScooter Works [Video]

Why Are e-Scooters Such A Hit Personal Transport Vehicle?

I thought it a good idea to answer some questions that people ask when looking to buy an electric scooter. Some of the points I make below are for fun and some answer more serious questions. First of all, let's get back to basics for those that need to know.

What Is an Electric Battery Powered Scooter?

So for those of you that need an actual definition, perhaps because you're trying to explain to a parent or a loved one what an eScooter is. I can imagine that there are plenty of kids out there who are trying to explain to a grandparent why they need one of these as a gift. So here goes for a concise description that you can use when talking to a potential gifter.

Well just like what the name implies, an electric scooter or eScooter is a scooter that looks like a kick scooter but uses electrical energy supplied by rechargeable batteries as the source of power instead of gasoline or oil. This means that they are preferred by young people, because they are cheaper to run than cars. Electric scooters are also preferred by environmentally friendly people as there are no dangerous emissions to worry about.

Most eScooters can be folded after riding and carried onto a bus, train or out in the trunk of a car. This makes them very compact and easy to store away. Battery powered scooters are proper vehicles, they have graduated from the status of mere toy. They are now in the realm of electronic gadgets, so they have a technical appeal as well as being a great way to commute to work.

Battery technology and electric motor tech have both advanced a great deal in recent years and eScooters can now travel up to 20 miles on one charge. Some can travel at speeds of up to 25mph. Because of these advances eScooters are evolving into the personal transport of the future. These days You may even find it easier to get to the mall on an eScooter rather than a car just fold it up and carry it inside. You may simply want to have some fun around the neighbourhood or bu the electric scooter as a gift.

What's The Difference Between an Adult Version and Child or Teen Product?

Similar to other types of vehicles or ride-on's you need to make sure you get the right scooter for the right age of rider. Adult e-scooters have a greater weight capacity, meaning the rider can be a lot heavier.

Adult version tend to be more expensive because the range, speed and power will all be suitable for an actual short journey rather than just a quick scoot around the yard. especially for those who are having doubts in regard to buying an electric scooter. It's important to pay attention to the details when choosing an electric scooter so that you don't buy a kid's one by mistake' or vice-versa.

The comparison chart above has details on each of the top scooters and will help you be sure that you are buying an appropriate model. Although a child will be delighted to receive an adult electric scooter as a gift, because it will be more powerful than what they were expecting, as an adult you don't want to be seen travelling to work on a Razor E100.

Look for the Max Rider Weight on the detail of each electric scooter in the comparison table as well as the Distance and Motor Power numbers. For convenience, I also tag the scooters as Adult or Kid electric scooter.

I aim to make is easy and convenient for you to pick the right electric scooter for your particular circumstance. Another giveaway is that the children's scooters tend to be smaller and available in a wide range of colors.

A Brief History of Electric Scooters

During the 1800s, initial ideas about using electrical motors and powered vehicles were discussed among inventors. Electrical energy was yet to be fully harnessed and the Telegraph machine, lightbulb and wireless radio had to be invented before more complex machines like electric motors. It looks like the first electric motor came about in Prussia in 1834, an invention of Moritz Jacobi.

In the early 1900s, the Ajax Motor Vehicle company in the USA decided to produce the very first electric scooters. Apparently, because there was a gas shortage during the 2nd World War 2, Governments invested in research into electric vehicles including scooters and bicycles.

Over the years development with personal modes of transport continued. Fast forward to 2003 and you find that the Razor releases their first electric scooter this meant that electric scooters had finally hit the mainstream and the big-time.

Electric scooters have continually evolved along with the advancements in construction material technolgy, making scooters lighter, electric motor technology which makes them more powerful and of course the battery tech which has got better and better.


As rechargeable battery technology keeps improving, so these vehicles will keep improving along with these technological advancements.

I really believe that this will change in the coming years as battery tech advances. Just consider the first mobiles phones that were encumbered by their huge batteries. Well it's clear that cell phones are now tiny and this is due in large part to battery technology.

Do not leave these battery powered scooters out in the rain or they will rust and deteriorate quickly. Look after them like a treasured item and you will get many years of pleasure and electric-powered riding fun out of them. We offer hints and tips on looking after these electric scooters on our Blog pages to help you maintain the scooter and to find spare parts when you need them. Right now a battery powered electric scooter can only have a range of up to 15 miles or so. Here are some of the best we have found.

The Evolution of Battery Technology

Today, the battery capacity of most electric scooters for adults is around 60-100Ah. as battery technology improves from year to year, batteries become more efficient, more lightweight and more powerful to meet the demands of the consumers.

Interestingly it's cell phones and more recently electric cars that have driven the innovation. Electric scooters have been a significant beneficiary of the developments from other industries.

As battery technology continues to change and improve we can expect remarkable leaps in the capabilities of electric scooters in the near future. The net result for consumers will be that eScooters will run better and last longer than they do today. That said, the current crop of electric scooters in the comparison table above is pretty great. Technology has never been so good and manufacturing techniques have never been more refined. We now find lightweight, Lithium-Ion batteries used as standard in the most modern machines.

Best Hoverboard In Review

It is worth mentioning that there are categories of products that are called electric scooters but look nothing like a traditional scooter. Some of these include the Hoverboard, which is also called a self-balancing scooter. One of our most popular articles is about the best budget hoverboard because the demand has been so high for these gadgets.

The recently safety certified Swagtron T1 hoverboard has become enormously popular because it is one of the first to be L2272 certified. This Swagtron is on sale now on Amazon.

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Uberscoot 1600w 48v Most Powerful Machine On The Market

The Uberscoot 1600W is quite amazing for it's sheer power. the specifications for this machine are quite incredible and it deserves it's title as the most powerful adult electric scooter on the market right now. We look at the baby brother of this monster machine in our Uberscoot 1000W 36V Electric Scooter review, but here we are really talking about a monster ride.

This Uberscoot will go up and down most hills with ease, which can be a challenge for less powerful scooters. Uberscoot are lovingly manufactured to extememely high quality in their South African factory by Evo Powerboards. They are distributed around the world and shipped directly from the USA.

Some of the highlights of the Uberscoot 1600W 48V e-scooter are:

  • Four 12V 12AH batteries
  • Range of 12 miles per charge
  • Battery life of 250 charging cycles
  • Folding design with locking
  • Economy mode to extend battery life
  • Quick-release seat can be removed
  • Front and rear lights included
  • 6-8 hours charging time
  • 12inch on/off road tires
  • Product weight 117lbs
  • 60 day warranty

Types Of Electric Scooters

There are many types of electric scooters on the market, some are specifically for children and some are made solely with adults in mind. The best scooters for adults are naturally larger and more sturdy than the kiddo versions but this does not mean to say that a child cannot ride an adult scooter.

If you would prefer to have a non electric kick scooter, you can find out what to look for when comparing the best kick scooter for adults.

The best e-scooters, like the ones we have picked out here will have adjustable seats if they are sit-down models or an adjustable handle bar stem if they are for standing only. The decks of the scooter will be large enough for an adult to place both feet on them while riding whether standing or sitting. There should be plenty enough room for a child on one of these adult scooters but caution is advised because they are much more powerful than kid-friendly models.

Just be a little careful because the adult scooters will be more highly powered and a child may find them difficult to control at speed. Safety first is the primary consideration when choosing any kind of child or adult ride-on scooter. I stress again that the best products are not toys at all, so do not treat them like toys!

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Just For Fun: Things That Make Electric Scooters Awesome

eScooters are a great way of being friendly to the environment. There are no toxic emissions that come from these products; nor is there any need for a license since electric scooters operate at such a low speed compared to other types of vehicles such as cars or motorbikes. Plus, they are cheap to use at the same time. However, these e-machines are little appreciated for being a fun vehicle to use. That is why we have come up with nine ways which electric scooters can be fun for adults and children at the same time.

Why Are they So Fun?

One of the things that make electric scooters fun is that they are easy to use and they are not dangerous. With adults, they can go for a relaxing ride with their kids on the electric scooters knowing that their kids will be safe. Also, riding on an electric scooter can be a thrill ride, especially when you are going at a high speed on a flat piece of road or downhill.

The electric scooter is also fun for people who are commuting to work because they can have an enjoyable ride. More on this later.

Why Do Children Enjoy Using Them?

The reason why children enjoy using e-scooters is because they are simple to use. Could you imagine a child having fun on a device that is difficult to learn? There is a doubt that a child would have fun on something that they cannot learn.

Plus, with scooters being fun to ride downhill and around road curves, scooters are the best fun that a kid can have on two wheels. They can ride their electric scooters with their friends at any time and they can do fun things with the electric scooter.

Commuting To Work On A Scooter

As we said in the second paragraph, commuting to work is fun because of the leisurely benefits that are involved in getting to work. You can basically be strolling down to work with an electric scooter with the ability to not lift a finger or break a sweat.

Plus, when you are at work, you can park your scooter at work next to your desk. You can get one of those folding scooters which can sit next to your desk. So there are no worries involved with riding your scooter to work.

Safety Gear for Scooters

In terms of safety gear, there is relatively little safety equipment that you require to ride a scooter. Apart from a helmet, you should be able to go on your scooter without having to use any other special equipment.

That is what there is to love about the electric scooter – you do not necessarily have to worry about your safety unless you are planning to go at high speeds for a scooter. That means that you get to have the maximum fun available, just like you would on a bicycle or a motorbike.

Easy To Maintain

Is there anything fun about a scooter that is difficult to maintain? Yes – there are fewer parts to a scooter. That means that you do not have to spend hours and hours per day to maintain your electric scooter. Apart from replacing the battery every few years, electric scooters have relatively few costs. What this means is that for adults, they are able to use a relatively no-cost expense form of transport every day of the week. For the kids, this means that they can have as much fun as they want without spending any money.

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Smooth To Ride.

One of the reasons why electric scooters are fun to use is because they have a smooth riding experience. All you have to do is disconnect the electric motor, push a few times and you can glide anywhere that you want, as long as it is reachable by electric scooter.

Compare that to driving a car or a motorbike, and you will see that it is much more complicated than pushing and gliding Once you are gliding on the scooter, you do not have to do anything else relative to other means of transport.

They Can Save Time

This is because electric scooters are portable. Since these devices are small, they can get into those small, hard to reach places. Whereas if you were to use a motorbike or a car, you would have difficulty getting to some places without having to take alternative routes. That is the exact opposite for electric scooters and so it is fun to reach your destination; especially when you have to get to a meeting on time. Plus, thanks to the smooth riding experience, you will be guaranteed fun all the time.

Environmentally Friendly

If you are comparing the electric scooter to other forms of transport, then the electric scooter definitely meets the standard for an environmentally friendly mode of transport. You can use the scooter without any noise, and there are no toxic fumes.

That means that you are putting less pressure on the environment and there is no need for burning fossil fuels since the electric scooter runs on battery power. Plus, with the electric scooter using a chain, you do not need to worry about carbon emissions with the electric motor on board the scooter.

Ultimately, They Make You Look Cool

When you are using an electric scooter, you are making a statement. That is why electric scooters are fun – because if you are a kid, you are demonstrating to your friends that you are someone who is fun and your friends will be more likely to hang out with you.

For adults, the electric scooter shows that you are modern and thoughtful. That will mean that you will have an aura of intellectual superiority in the office because you ride an electric scooter. Who knows? Maybe you might even attract a new partner just because you ride an electric scooter.

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Why Should You Buy An Electric Scooter?

There are many reasons why you should consider an e-scooter purchase, not least because they are eco-friendly when compared to a gas-powered car. I have heard some interesting justifications for buying an expensive electric scooter but these were mainly people who needed to justify the purchase to their better half! The reasons below are more general than that but may still help you of you are in a tight spot with your significant other.  I'm sure that you know these points already but here's a reminder and a rundown of the the most important reasons to buy an electric scooter.

Top Reasons to Own An Electric Scooter

  1. Electric Scooters are eco-friendly when compare to a car
  2. Convenient to ride
  3. Lightweight and easy to carry
  4. Affordable with no need to buy gas
  5. Charge overnight or at your destination
  6. Low maintenance except for regular battery charging
  7. Travel for up to 20 miles on one charge
  8. Stow it in the car trunk and use it at your destination
  9. Never need to ask for a ride again
  10. Enjoy personal freedom while having a fun ride
  11. If your commute is shorter than using a car is practical for then buy an e-scooter
  12. If there are no parking spaces at your workplace then go for it
  13. If you have been banned from driving a gas car for some reason but still need transport
  14. If you do not live anywhere near a bus rout but still need to get around without a car
  15. If you cannot imagine paying a huge amount for vehicle insurance
  16. If you want to reduce your monthly outgoings and eliminate taxi costs
  17. If you do not often give anyone a ride
  18. If you want a smaller vehicle than a motorbike for a short commute

There are of course, many more reasons to buy an electric scooter than these. This list is just a starting point and everyone has their own individual needs. The point here is really that e-scooters are a great development in personal transportation for adults and kids that don't expel poisonous gas fumes into the atmosphere.

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Street Legal In The United States?

Here is a rundown that attempts to give some quick notes on what is a gray area for some - Is It Legal to Ride Electric Scooters in the United States? This is one of the questions our readers across the US have been asking for some time so I gathere information form various Cities and States. Although I've given the best possible answers that I can, in no way should the notes below be taken as legal advice. You need to check the local transportation laws in you City and Sate to be sure.

Legally What are Electric Scooters?

Before we go into details of whether electric scooters are street legal, let’s first understand what electric scooters are as far as the law is concerned.

Basically, these are plug-in electric vehicles that have been designed to be powered by electricity. Usually designed with two or three wheels, electric scooters are propelled by electricity from a rechargeable battery.

There are two categories of electric scooters: Stand Up Electric Scooters and Sit Down Electric Scooter. Stand up electric scooters fall through the cracks of most laws and regulations concerning motor vehicles because they are not powerful, fast or heavy enough to be regarded as vehicles.

What does the law say?

It is difficult to give a general answer regarding whether it is legal to ride electric scooters in the United States. This is because the law in the United States varies from state to state and sometimes even by city. Each state concern itself with how electric scooters are registered, licensed and used within the state.

Below are 10 US States and Cities and their Regulations.

1. New York State

You must hold a valid Class M/MJ or Class 1 driver's license to legally ride an electric scooter in the state of New York. Registration is required and normally follows the same requirements as a New York motorcycle license. In the state of New York, a valid insurance is required for you to ride your scooter on public roads. Once your scooter is registered, inspected and you have a license, you will be ready to legally operate it.

2. New York City

In 2004, the City Council banned all electric scooters from operating on public roads. They declared that such vehicles pose a risk to the health and safety of users, city residents, passengers, pedestrians and nearby vehicles.

Besides riding, also selling, leasing or renting an electric scooter to a person in the City is prohibited. If you violate the law, as a visitor you will be forced to pay a fine not exceeding $1,000 for a first-time offense and $2,000 for subsequent violations.

3. Jersey City

Street-legal scooters, regardless of size, must be registered and titled in order to operate in Jersey City. They are normally treated as motorcycles and are usually titled and tagged as such during registration. In order to ride them legally on public roads within the city, they must pass an emissions test and meet the minimum safety requirements. You will need a valid motorcycle license to operate your electric scooter in Jersey City. All riders must not exceed 25 mph, must follow all the traffic rules and regulations, wear an approved, reflective helmet, and drive on the right side of the road with the flow of traffic.

4. Illinois

Mopeds and electric scooters are intended for limited operation on public roads in Illinois. If you are planning to ride your electric scooter on the state’s public roads, the state law requires you to hold a valid driver's license and abide by all road signs and traffic laws. Registration and titling are required to operate your motorized or electric scooter on Illinois roadways. Registration may be done in person, online or mail at your local Secretary of State (SOS) office.

5. Chicago

In addition to the state laws, in Chicago City, riders of electric scooters may only be operated on city streets and highways where vehicular traffic is allowed. If your scooter is not registered properly, you will not be allowed to operate in the city. You must have a valid driver’s license and insurance. Like motorcycles, electric scooters are banned from parking on the parkway or on the sideways. You must abide by all standing and parking regulations that apply to other vehicles.

6. Florida

In Florida, drivers must be at least 16 years old and have a valid Class E driver's license to ride an electric scooter in the state of Florida. No registration, insurance or license plates are required. Each city allows drivers to ride their motorized scooter on certain locations only but not on the sidewalks.

7. Miami

In Miami, electric scooters are defined as any vehicle with a saddle or seat, with not more than three wheels and not designed to travel more than 30 miles per hour. If you are planning to operate such a vehicle in Miami city, make sure you refer to the state laws because there are no special laws governing riding in the city of Miami. The state laws legalize riding of electric scooters on public roads and sidewalks if you are an adult. No registration, insurance or license plates are required. Each city allows drivers to ride their motorized scooter on certain locations only but not on the sidewalks.

8. California

In California, drivers must be at least 16 years old and hold a valid driver's license or learners permit in order to legally drive an electric scooter on public roads. No registration, insurance or license plates required. The state law also requires all drivers irrespective age to wear a helmet while riding. Also, driving an electric scooter in excesses of 15 mph will result in speeding ticket penalties. All electric scooters must be operated on a bikeway, trail or bicycle path, and not on a sidewalk. On the roadway, it must be operated in the bicycle lane.

9. Los Angeles

If you are planning to ride your scooter in Los Angeles, you must follow all the state laws and regulations mentioned above. In addition to that, there are several other by-laws in the city that govern where riding an electric scooter should take place.  In a nutshell, the City of Los Angeles allows riding electric scooters on the sidewalk unless it is done with a wanton disregard for the safety of property or persons or property.

10. San Francisco

It is legal to operate an electric scooter in San Francisco. The City Council has made it legal because of the busy life of various city communities. However, as a rider, you must be at least 16 years old and hold a valid driver's license or learners permit in order to legally drive an electric scooter on the city’s bikeway, trail, sidewalks or bicycle path. On the roadway, it must be operated in the bicycle lane. The City Council also requires all drivers irrespective age to wear a helmet while riding. Because San Francisco is one of the most congested cities in the USA, riders should not ride their motorized scooters in excess of 15 mph.

I do hope that you enjoy reading our in-depth reviews of the Best of Ride On Toys, including Adult Electric Scooters and The Best of Kids Electric Scooters. Ride on people!

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