The Best of Kick Scooters for Kids And Teens

The Best Adult and Child Kick Scooter ReviewsKick Scooters are fantastic ride-on's. I love them, so these Scooter reviews are a lot of fun to write. Scooters are a top mode of transport for kids and adults alike. They have really taken off in the past few years as manufacturing technology has improved. Professional riders have developed a whole bunch of tricks and stunts that kids like to copy at the skate park.

Kick scooters can help kids develop a great sense of balance and tight control and as long as they have a sturdy enough model. Use these Kick Scooter reviews to help you choose the right one for your purposes. Is it an adult commuting scooter you need? How about a kids stunt-scooter? Maybe you need a dirt-scooter for a child who likes to get muddy off-road?

Each type of kick scooter has specialist uses. Stunt scooters are brilliant for learning tricks like jumping curbs, spins and backflips. Commuting scooters have larger wheels and can take an adults weight. If you just need an adult scoooter then head over to the compare adult kick scooters guide.

Top Kick Scooters For Adults And Kids

Highly Recommended Micro Mini Scooter in All Colors Review

If you are looking for a little kick scooter for a toddler then the Mini Micro Scooter is for you. This is hands down the best quality scooter ride for your youngster. The original and best mini kick scooter for young kids by a long way. Micro Kickboard became really famous for this one particular model because it was so innovative when it came out.

The special design with 2 wheels at the front instead of one, means that it will never fall down. When you add to that the intricately designed lean-to steering system you really have a winning formular that young kids love. All children feel confiddent riding the Mini Micro because they do not have to deal with balance at all. In fact, the scooter gives them the impression that they are balancing on 2 wheels while being 100% stable.

I saw my own son, who had a lot of balance issues when he was younger, gain so much confidence with the Mini Micro that he eventually graduated to a 2-wheeled kick scooter without any problem. These little scooters are perfect for the school run, the mall, the yard or anywhere else that you might need to take a toddler. Most younger kids would prefer to be on one of these than sitting in a buggy so it's a win-win for everyone. Here are the highlights of the Mini Micro:

Our rating:
  • Superb design
  • High quality unbreakable plastic deck
  • Easy to remove the handlebar stem for storage
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to learn to ride and steer
  • Will not fall down!
  • Literally none!
Lowest price: Check prices

Best Dirt Scooter Razor Phase Two Review

The Razor Phase Two Dirt Scooter is an excellent pro-style specialist adult & kid dirt scooter. The detailed review looks at all the details of this tough mud-monster which is incrdible well-build and solid for the price. The great thing about Razor is that they can manufacture such large quantities of their kick scooters which manes that they can keep prices low.

Most other pro dirt scooters will cost a whole lot more than the RDS (Razor Dirt Scooter) Phase 2. Everything on a dirt scooter needs to be extra-strong becuae they are basically the off-road BMX version of their sidewalk cousins. Designed for mud trails and dirt tracks, tricks and heavy duty use, dirt scooters tend not to come cheap so this Razor RDS is a real bargain.

At the low-end of pro dirt scooters, but still good enough quality that it will stand the test of time and a lot of tough muddy trails, the RDS Phase 2 might be just what you are looking for as an entry-level dirt kick scooter. Her is a summary of it's features:


  • Air-filled tires for a great off-road experience
  • Solid pro frame
  • BMX style 3-piece fork


  • Tire tubes can be incorrectly fitted at factory
  • May need to refit/replace tubes out of the box
  • Could be worth buying spare tubes as a standby!
Our rating:
Lowest price: $119.00
Razor Pro RDS Dirt Scooter - Black Label Buy now
Is the Maxi Micro Scooter Worth The Money? Our Best Kick Scooters Review

The entire range of Micro Scooters do not come cheap and that includes the Maxi Micro Scooter in this review. Is it worth the money? We take a look and decide that it is. My son spent a lot of time riding a Maxi Micro when he was younger and it was an excellent scooter for him because of the extra stability that it provides.

Similar to the Mini-Micro but much larger and with an extendable handlebar stem, the Maxi Micro is even good for lightweight adults. The handlebar stem can be extended so that someone of around 5'10" could ride it comfortably.

The super-tough poly-plastic material that it is constructed from and the special quad-wheel design with very durable wheels make the Maxi-Micro Scooter a great buy. My son must have scooted a few hundred miles on it and the tires were still OK when he finally graduated to a 2 wheeled Razor scooter.

Our rating:
  1. Excellent warranty
  2. Premium kick scooter
  3. 2 Wheels at the front design
  4. Original and best
  5. Perfect for pre-teens
  6. Extremely solid
  • Super-durable
  • Excellent design
  • Will not fall over
  • Great lean-to steering
  • Top quality
  • None worth mentioning
Lowest price: $99.99
Micro Kickboard - Maxi Original 3-Wheeled, Lean-to-Steer, Swiss-Designed Micro Scooter for Kids, Ages 5-12 (Blue) Buy now
Is The Oxelo Town 9 Premium Adult Kick Scooter Worth The Price?

The Oxelo Town 9 is a top quality adult kick scooter made by the renowned French company that specialize in scooters. the unique folding system allows a super quick fold and release and you can pull the scooter like a trolley when it's locked folded. This model is a bit expensive because it is imported from France and all the extra costs associated with that are added onto the price. As far as we know it is the only model that has a range of accessories including a child platform which bolts onto the deck so that a small child can stand up in front if you while scooting.

The construction and materials of the Town 9 are superb and the build quality is excellent. The braking system works well, the front handlebar lever actually operates the rear wheel brake. The Oxelo Town 9 has dual suspension. The front suspension unit is made of regular springs in the handlebar stem and the rear axle contains a shock-absorbing grommet rather than a spring but it works very well to absorb bumps in the road.

Although you can definitely buy this model cheaper in Europe, I would says that it's still worth the money as an import, which is why the Town 9 is number 2 in our list. You will not be disappointed with the impressive quality of the Town 9. It is so superior to a regular Razor scooter that you really have to try it to understand how much better it is. Top quality French engineering gets a 5 star rating from Toyrider.

Our rating:
  1. Made in France
  2. Front handlebar brake
  3. Front suspension spring
  4. Trolley fold system
  5. Large wheels
  6. Premium kick scooter
  • Top quality kick scooter
  • Great Fench design
  • Very smooth rider
  • Import price is expensive
Lowest price: Check prices

Best Quality Kick Scooter For Adults Micro Flex 200mm Review

Micro Kick Board have done it again, not content with pioneering high quality kids scooters they also have a range of adult scooters of which this Micro Flex Blue 200mm is one of the best. As far as adult kick scooters go, the Micro Flex is a great quality product and one that anyone would be proud to own.

In keeping with the rest of the Micro-kickboard range, the Micro Flex is well-engineered and feels like a quality kick scooter when you are riding it. The larger 200mm wheels make it a perfect adult commuter scooter and the flexible kickboard is an innovative way of providing suspension to smooth out a bumpy ride.

As an upgrade to the Razor scooters, but still within the budget range, the Micro Flex is a good value top quality buy that will last for years if maintained properly. Designed in Austria by Wim Ouboter, the founder of Micro Mobility Systems, here is a short summary of it's features:

Our rating:
  1. Swiss Design
  2. Flexi wooden deck
  3. Great warranty
  4. New colors available
  5. Large 200mm wheels
  6. Premium kick scooter
  • Unique flex kickboard
  • No maintenance
  • Great warranty
  • No hand brake
Lowest price: $199.99
Micro Flex Series Kick Scooters (200m) (Black) Buy now
Best Kick Scooter Razor A5 Lux Review - Adult Scooter

The Razor A5 Kick scooter is one of the best value kick scooters in its class for ages 4 up to 40. This solid, well designed piece of kit has been a best seller for a long time and, as time goes by it get's discounted further and further. You can literally grab one for a bargain price right now - under $60 in most cases. Here is a summary if you don't have time to read the full review.

In the first of several Razor Kick Scooter reviews, we take you on a tour of the Lux A5 model which is perfect for children or adults. In fact I use it to commute to work! However, I would class it as an adult kick scooter because as you will read in this review it's great for commuting with it's 200mm large-sized wheels and durable tires.

While the Razor A5 Lux does not sit at the luxury end of the market it is still a solid buy for those who want to try out an adult kick scooter without spending too much money. You can always pass it onto a friend or your kids when you upgrade to a more substantial scooter.

Our rating:
  1. Best value basic adult kick scooter
  2. No frills
  3. All aluminum
  4. Large 200mm wheels
  • Great budget adult kick scooter
  • No frills
  • Trusted Brand
  • No hand brake
  • No suspension
Lowest price: $109.00
Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter for Kids Ages 8+ - 8" Urethane Wheels, Anodized Finish Featuring Bold Colors and Graphics, For Riders up to 220 lbs Buy now

I have seen some incredible moves that kids are doing on them, the fun and sense of achievement they get is second to none.

I started off getting my son a cheap aluminum frame kick scooter but with very little time riding it showed why it was so cheap and of course, my son lost confidence in it.

I then purchased him the Razor A series kick scooter and although he is not performing death-defying tricks at the skate parks he does little jumps off ramps and curbs on the way to school with all his friends like some sort of scooter gang.

So choosing the right scooter is quite important and depending on how old they are and how long they will be riding on it will always be a big factor. It can be easy to go for the lower priced models and think "that will be fine, let’s see how they get on with it". That is normally a big mistake, you get what you pay for is still the mantra here!

If your child does not feel confident on the scooter, then they will never fully commit and it can be quite dangerous if a wheel or other part comes off at the wrong moment! I can understand that you might be reluctant to shell out hard earned money on "fads" but this is one piece of equipment that will bring enormous benefits to your child if they take to it. The best kick scooters will last for years if looked after properly.

There are some very good reasonably priced and more expensive kick scooters out there and here are a few of the very best to look out for. I have personally owned some of them, some my son has owned, others his friends have owned and some I have seen advertised and researched them based on owners reviews.

Scooters for ages 2-5 years old

The Micro Scooter is right up there at the top, it’s the original and the best! The next ones down or across would be the Razor A3 Kids Kick Scooter (Amazon discount link) which is available in several colors that have been getting great reviews for a long time. (I have a friend who has just bought one for their child so will get a review done as soon as I have had a chance to look it over).

Then there is the Ozbozz My First Scooter (Amazon discounted link) which you can change the wheels from 2 in the front when your child learns to scoot with confidence to a single wheel at the front, which is pretty neat and is getting great reviews on Amazon.

Scooters from 5 years old and up

I say 5 and up because most of the scooter’s that I would recommend are robust enough to last years and will grow with your child. One range of Scooters that are getting a lot of attention is the Madd Gear VX8 Nitro range (Amazon discount link) they are super strong and light enough to do some great ramp tricks and take whatever you can throw at them.

Some of the VX models are getting complaints of the handlebar not tightening enough but they are still getting great reviews. They are a little pricey but based on my research I think it would be rude not to get one, so look out for my review when I do!

The next up is the Grit Extremist Kick Scooter (Amazon discounts today). They seem to be a sturdy ride and a good entry level scooter for budding riders but there has been a few complaints about the wheels cracking although the majority of the reviews are good!

Teen Kick Scooters

Most of the regular kickscooters out there that are full-sized are good for teens. That includes the very popular stunt type of scooter and also the newer dirt type of kick scooter.

Stunt scooters have tiny wheels and solid frames that can withstand a lot of knocks and jumps. The small wheels make them extremely manouverable and so they are perfect for pulling tricks.

Dirt Scooters on the other hand, whilst also very tough and sturdy have air-filled and larger tires that are perfect for riding over rough terrain rather than concrete like a regular scooter.

Adult Kick Scooters

Because they are so popular now and many young adults like to commute the last mile to work on them, Adult Kick scooters have become a category all by themselves. these tend to be utility kick scooters that can fold and be carried on a bus or train. These models will invariably have larger wheels than a stunt scooter. The large wheels are great for picking up some speed and providing more stability than a small-wheeled teen scooter.

Adult scooters will also tend to have a longer wheelbase. The larger distance between the wheels is provided by having a larger foot deck to scoot and stand on. Stability at a higher speed is an important feature for adults and you can read more about the top adult kick scooters here.

Kick Scooter Commuters: A Fun Ride Even for Adults

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