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Is The E-twow Booster  the Most Advanced Tech Electric Scooter?

Is The E-twow Booster the Most Advanced Electric Scooter?

The e-Twow S2 Electric Scooter in this review is a top-rated booster scooter. The technology is more advanced than we have seen in other electric scooters. In fact it's an electric kick scooter proper which means you can use it without power. The boost function will electrically boost any speed that you travel up to a max of around 25-30mph depending on the conditions.

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How Good Is The eMicro One Electric Scooter In This Review?

How Good Is The eMicro One Electric Scooter?

The top rated eMicro One Electric Scooter featured in this review is packed full of innovative features. It is one of the most high-tech e-scooters around and took 5 years to research and develop. Micro have produced a real gem with their eMicro One. Regenerative braking, assisted kick, hill sensor and 3 power modes mean that this lightweight package is full of electronic innovation. Read our eMicro One Electric Scooter Review to help you compare and choose the right electric scooter for you. Save the planet and go electric!

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How To Know Which Type Of Electric Scooter Battery Is Best

Electric Scooter Batteries - Which Type Is Best?

Electric Scooter Batteries come in various types but which is best? Considering the technological advances with battery power in the past few years, which type of battery should you look for when buying an electric scooter? As the battery is an essential component in an e-scooter use our in-depth guide on batteries to help you choose the best electric scooter.

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Uberscoot Review Of Different Models And Company History

Uber Scoot And Evo Powerboards Scooter Company Review

Guide to the Uberscoot Evo Powerboards Company and review of their best adult electric scooter product lines. These popular Uber Scoot electric vehicles are not toys but fully-fledged motorized personal transport vehicles. Uber Scoot manufacture both adult and child versions of their top-rated scooters.

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10 of the best electric scooter safety tips for carefree riding

10 Best Electric Scooter Safety Tips

Guide to the top 10 safety tips for adult e-scooters. The best electric scooters for adults are fun and practical vehicles, but it is important to be safe and avoid serious injury. These adult scooters are definitely not toys and some can travel up to 25 mph. So stay safe with these tips!

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Energy Efficient EcoReco M5 Adult Electric Scooter

Is The Energy Efficient EcoReco M5 e-Scooter Worth The Price Tag?

Review of the most energy efficient and portable folding electric scooter for adults on the market today - the EcoReco M5 E-Scooter Electric Kick Scooter. It is certainly not cheap but the extra convenience is well worth it. We explain the EcoReco M5 pro's and con's in detail.

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The Inokim Myway Is One Of The Best Quality Electric Scooter For Adults

15 Reasons To Consider Buying An Electric Scooter For Adults

Top reasons to consider purchasing a best electric scooter. We can help you answer the question "Why Should I Buy And Electric Scooter?". For adults an electric scooter is a great addition to your daily commute or leisure time. These electric motor powered scooters are not toys but speedy personal transport vehicles. More practical than a car and easier than a bike over long distances. You should really consider buying one!

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How To Look After And Maintain An Electric Scooter

How To Look After An Electric Scooter - Maintenance Tips & Tricks

The best electric scooter maintenance tips and tricks to help you look after your electric scooter. There are a few things that you can do on a regular basis that will keep your electric scooter well-maintained and in tip-top condition for riding. In this how-to guide, we list the neccessary maintenance items that will keep your electric scooter working well for when you need it.

Tags: Electric Scooter Maintenance, Electric Scooters
Electric Scooter Battery Care and Maintenance

How Do I Extend The Battery Life Of My Electric Scooter?

Top electric scooter battery maintenance tips for maximizing the battery life. The batteries in electric scooters can be 12V, 36V or even 48 Volt and if they are looked after correctly can last a very long time.

Tags: Electric Scooter Maintenance, Electric Scooters
Best Looking Folding Adult Electric Scooter The Reddie From Red Rhino

Is The Reddie Adult Electric Scooter As Good As It Looks?

The Best Looking Adult Electric Scooter Award goes to... The Reddie from Red Rhino! We review this hot looking, best folding adult electric scooter which is styled to perfection and is very high quality. As well as being the best for storage, it's fast, lean, top quality and very green.

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The Fastest and Best Rated Adult Electric Scooter 1200W Turbo Elite

Is The Elite Turbo Chrome 1200W The Fastest Adult Electric Scooter?

Looking for reviews of one of the fastest and most powerful best adult electric scooters? Then look no further than the 1200W Turbo Elite. This model in chrome looks great and is durable with excellent reviews!

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Review Of Best Childs Electric Scooter Razor E100

Is The Top Selling Razor E100 The Best Child's Electric Scooter?

Discounts for the top rated and best selling Razor e100 electric scooter for kids in our review. We take an in-depth look in this best seller childs electric scooter review and give it a hearty recommendation with a 5 star rating.

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Uberscoot 1000w 36v Electric Scooter Review Available In Different Colors Including Green

Uberscoot Evo Powerboard 1000w Best Adult Electric Scooter Review

Looking for the best adult electric scooter? The highly rated Uberscoot Evo Powerboard 1000w 36V. This review shows that the Uberscoot is a well engineered adult electric scooter and one of the best on the market.

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Kids Razor Pocket Mod and Sweet Pea Pocket Mod Best Kids Electric Scooter Review

Retro Fun With The Pocket Mod and Sweet Pea Pocket Mod Electric Scooters

Looking for the Razor Pocket Mod or Sweet Pea Pocket Mod Childs Electric Scooter? Available in multiple colors, we review this best electric scooter ride-on for girls and young children. Pocket mods are ideal for those kids too young for a Vespa or Lambretta - the new generation of sit down 2 wheel rides!

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