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Mini Micro and Maxi Micro Scooters Are Great For Balance Confidence in Kids

How The Micro Scooter Can Help Kids Learn How To Balance

Kids with a balance disorder have a special challenge in life. Review our personal story of how using Mini Micro Scooters and Maxi Micro Scooters helped our son gain balance skills. Eventually he came to enjoy riding a regular 2-wheeled kick scooter un-aided!

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How is fitness important for children's health?

What Is Exercise Therapy For Children?

Exercise is important for child development but some cannot run about in the usual way due to a disability or accidental injury. There are other ways to help these kids including exercise therapy. This type of therapy can help ADHD as well as physical disabilities in children.

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How To Help A Special Needs Child With Balance Issues

10 Ways To Help A Child With Balance Problems

Many children have special needs, no matter how small the need it can be devastating. In this article we look at how to help kids with balance problems whether they have developmental delays or the balance issues are caused by some kind of brain injury.

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