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Very nice review. I've had one of these a couple of years and I absolutely love it. My son (6) rides on the child carrier when I take him to school. I must say I am astounded at the high price of a carrier in the US. Here in London they cost £8 - about $10, and they're probably slightly cheaper in continental Europe. I've found that over time the clips become far less effective at holding the handlebars when folded. Also, I wouldn't dare to use it if the pavements (sidewalks) are even slightly damp. The wheels have zero grip and I've nearly come a cropper a couple of times. I had my scooter fixed without issue after the product recall. Hopefully it will last me for many more years to come. They're becoming a much more common sight in London, and it's not surprising. They're an excellent mode of urban transport (when it's not raining, anyway).

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