Electric Ride-On Cars - What To Look for When Choosing the Best One

What to Look For When Choosing A Kids Electric Ride On Car

Types of electric ride ons

These days the best kids electric ride on cars are becoming more sophisticated and have more functionality than my first car!  They are styled on dream cars that I would have loved as a kid. They normally come in 6volt or 12volt variations and I have seen a 24volt, so they are coming in now.

Best-sellers in Kids Electric Vehicles

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The 6volt is for younger children between from 12 months to 2 and half years old; they will generally be a single seater and have a single gear which will only go forward.

The 12volt motors offer a little more power and some models can hold up to 2 children and go faster than a slow walking pace.

Some will have a reverse gear which is helpful in getting out of tight spots. All electric ride ons that I have seen have a failsafe break which means that as soon as the foot is lifted off the accelerator it will break automatically.

The 12volt kids electric cars will also normally have a speed limiter of 5mph

On some models you can turn off the limiter once your kid has got more competent.

That is something that you would have to make a judgement on based on a number of safety factors like the child's coordination ability and the environment that they are driving in.

When purchasing your ride on it is always a good idea to check to make sure that they conform to current safety regulations in your country.

Different Styles of Kids Electric Vehicles Available

Part of the fun of these kids vehicles is the different varieties available now. There are stunnng Farm Tractor replica's like the Kids Vintage Mercedes Electric Cars

These Mercs are pure vintage James Bond style fun (I know, he actually drove an Aston Martin, but the model at the link looks fairly close!

Then there are the sturdy and fun farm vehicle replca's from the Peg Perego Kids Electric Ride On Tractor range which are great for outdoors and look just like the real thing with all the details.

Another example of great retro-fun for the parents to enjoy is the kids electric Scooter based on the Italian Classic Vespa. The Pocket Mod Scooter reviewed here is of the best kids electric scooters on the market and very popular.

We also looked at one of the most fun kids electric cars we have ever seen, a personal favourite and right now is a top best-seller - the Kids Electric Batman Batmobile Car from the Adam West batman era!

Regular maintenance

One of the things you don’t want to do is let your kid out with a half charged battery, aside from running out of power, the battery on your kids ride on might also malfunction.

Batteries need to be checked regularly to ensure that they are working properly as a malfunctioning battery can be dangerous. As you know kids are curious and impatient so the last thing you want is for them tinkering about with a battery.

Most electric ride-on cars have a safety device which trips the battery when it becomes over heated or over loaded so there will be a cooling down period of 5-10 mins.  I recommend that you check the battery every time they want to use it. Remember safety first!

It's always a good idea to regularly inspect the electric motor that runs the toy car to make sure that there aren't any loose connections, exposed, cables, worn connectors, or accumulated dirt.

Build up of dirt and fluff is the enemy of all batteries

as it can cause them to overheat. This means that cleaning the dirt and grime in the battery compartment is very important and the task can be easily accomplished with a soft dry cloth.

It’s always wise to visit the manufacturer’s website to get detailed instructions on troubleshooting and maintenance instructions. All powered ride on toys have product manuals containing detailed information on the product’s parts and mechanical features as well as troubleshooting instructions which are supposed to come as part of the package.

You should make sure that these and all other product manuals are kept in a place where anyone can easily find them at any time. If you lose the product guide or it did not arrive in the packaging, you should be able to obtain a replacement product manual by downloading it from the manufactureers website.

Should the battery become faulty it will need to be replaced

and these electric ride-on car can normally be bought from the same store where you bought the car. Most are also available online. Then just replace the battery yourself when the fresh one arrives. Or, if you do not feel confident it’s always best to ask a professional to do it for you.

There are proper tools that you can use to test the ride on toy battery before placing an order for fresh ones from your vendor. Sometimes the problem lies with the toy mechanism and not the batteries, so always worth getting someone with electrical knowledge to have a look.

Best-sellers in Kids Electric Vehicles

Browse & buy the most popular kids electric vehicles here:

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Remember with the best kids electric ride-on cars, have fun, be sensible, never drive them near busy roads or near swimming pools or sharp drops etc.  Always supervise your kids when they are playing on them, best to ride them on flat surfaces so that they do not put too much stress on the battery as well as risk tipping over. Above all. let's allow the kids to have the most fun driving their own mini cars!

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