How to Compare The Best Kick Scooters For Adults

How to Choose The Best Kick Scooters For Adults

Introduction To Adult Kick Scooters

Trying to compare the best kick scooters for adults can be very tricky even though they are all fun to ride, so welcome to our useful adult kick scooter choosers guide. The guide can help you select the best adult kick scooter for your particular requirements. The comparison table can help you decide which model to go for as all the important scooter features are included.

So why buy an adult kick-scooter?  Because riding them is great fun? It's great way to travel self-powered down the street? Because you can ride on the sidewalk, a cycle lane or on the street if the traffic is light? Because you want a green and fossil-fuel free mode of transport?

There are so many reasons to get an adult scooter both for pure leisure and commuting that last mile to the office that it's almost impossible to list them all. One thing is for sure, you need to compare all the different adult models out there to find the best one for your particular use and situation. There are some fundamental components to a scooter that you need to be aware of when choosing the right one:

  1. Deck length - is it long enough for your feet?
  2. Handlebar height - are you tall and need extra height?
  3. Wheel diameter - larger wheels can travel faster
  4. Weight of rider - each scooter has a max weight
  5. Brakes - does it have front, rear or hand-operated brakes?

Use the comparison table to help you decide which specification of adult kick scooter is relevant to your needs:

Top 10 Adult Kick Scooter Comparison Table

Rank Name Rating Image Features Product Type Color Carry Strap Brakes Deck Frame Handlebar Max Deck Length Deck Width Deck Height Max Handlebar Height Min Handlebar Height Max Rider Weight Lowest price Tires Weight Wheel Bearings Wheel Diameter Wheelbase Mudguards Suspension Folding Warranty Length Warranty Description Details
1 GoPed Know-Ped
Compare GoPed Know-Ped Adult Kick Scooter
Made in USA, Front caliper handbrake, Rear fender brake, Extra wide deck, Aircraft grade steel, Large wheels, Thick rubber tires, Large wooden deck, Premium kick scooter Adult Kick Scooter Blue No Front caliper handlebar brake with rear fender brake Wood Steel Steel 19.0 " 9.0 " 3.5 " 35.0" 35.0" 400lbs Out of stock
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Rubber 11.3 lbs 165 mm 27.3" Rear No Yes n/a 90 day manufacturer's warranty with a LIFETIME warranty on the frame and forks
3 Globber Adult One
Compare Globber Adult One Adult Kick Scooter
Made in France, Front handlebar brake, Trolley folding system, Best buy adult scooter, Large wheels, Premium kick scooter Adult Kick Scooter Black No Rear handlebar brake Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum 24.0 " 7.9 " 2.8 " 39.7" 37.7" 220lbs $299.99

Polyurethane 15.0 lbs ABEC 7 Yes, front and rear No Yes n/a 30 day return if unopened. 30 day warranty against manufacturer’s defects
4 Xootr MG
Compare Xootr MG Adult Kick Scooter
USA Design, Front handlebar brake, Extra wide deck, Low center of gravity, Large 200mm wheels, Premium kick scooter Adult Kick Scooter Red/Black/Blue/Green Optional extra Front with optional rear fender brake Magnesium Magnesium Steel 25.0 " 7.4 " 3.0 " 38.0" 25.0" 800lbs $329.00

Ultra-low resistance polyurethane 9.9 lbs Shielded, self-lubricating R8ZZ 180 mm 28.3" Rear No Yes 1 years 30 days return, 1 year warranty against defects in materials or manufacturing
5 Micro Kickboard Suspension
Compare Micro Kickboard Suspension Adult Kick Scooter
Swiss Design, Full front and rear suspension, lightweight, Rear fender brake, Large 200mm wheels, Premium kick scooter Adult Kick Scooter Bronze No Rear fender brake Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum 15.0 " 5.5 " 3.0 " 36.5" 24.8" 250lbs Out of stock
Check availability
Polyurethane 13.0 lbs ABEC 5 200 mm 31.0" Yes, front and rear Yes Yes 2 years 2 year warranty against manufacturer defects
6 Micro Kickboard Micro Flex
Compare Micro Kickboard Micro Flex Adult Kick Scooter
Swiss Design, Flexible wooden deck, Great warranty, New colors available, Large 200mm wheels, Premium kick scooter Adult Kick Scooter Blue/Black/Pink No Rear fender brake Wood Aluminum Aluminum 15.7 " 5.5 " 3.0 " 40.6" 28.7" 220lbs Out of stock
Check availability
Polyurethane 10.4 lbs ABEC 5 180 mm Yes, front and rear Flex deck Yes 2 years 2 year warranty against manufacturer defects
7 Micro Kickboard Micro Flex Air
Compare Micro Kickboard Micro Flex Air Adult Kick Scooter
Swiss design, All aluminum, Sturdy folding mechanism, Large 200mm air tires, Premium adult scooter Adult Kick Scooter Silver No Rear fender brake Wood Aluminum Aluminum 14.0 " 5.5 " 3.0 " 36.0" 25.5" 220lbs Out of stock
Check availability
Polyurethane ABEC 5 200 mm Rear Flex deck Yes 2 years 2 year warranty against manufacturers defects
8 Micro Kickboard White/Black
Compare Micro Kickboard White/Black Adult Kick Scooter
Swiss Design, Combination lock on alternate models, Great warranty, No maintenance, Large 200mm wheels, Premium kick scooter Adult Kick Scooter White or Black No Rear fender brake Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum 13.0 " 4.8 " 2.8 " 40.1" 28.3" 220lbs $189.99

Polyurethane 10.3 lbs ABEC 5 200 mm Yes, front and rear No Yes 2 years 2 year warranty against manufacturer defects
9 Razor A5 Lux
Compare Razor A5 Lux Adult Kick Scooter
Best value basic adult kick scooter, No frills, All aluminum, Large 200mm wheels Adult Kick Scooter Blue or Silver No Rear fender brake Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum 17.0 " 4.5 " 2.5 " 35.5" 26.0" 220lbs $79.00

Polyurethane 8.5 lbs ABEC 5 200 mm 27.0" Yes, front and rear No Yes n/a Manufacturer's 6-month limited warranty
10 Exooter M1850 6XL
Compare Exooter M1850 6XL Adult Kick Scooter
Best value adult kick scooter, Front suspension spring, Integrated carry strap, Sturdy folding joint, 180mm front wheel Adult Kick Scooter Black/Gray/White Yes Rear fender brake Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum 22.5 " 41.0" 37.0" 220lbs Out of stock
Check availability
Polyurethane 11.5 lbs ABEC 9 240 mm Yes, front and rear Yes Yes 2 years 2 year limited replacement part warranty on the frame and deck

Best Adult Kick Scooter Reviews

Guide To The Top Brands Of Adult Kick Scooter

Here is an overview of the best of Adult Kick Scooter Brands. The list ranges from specialist European Brands like Globber, and (IMO) the Rolls Royce Brands, Oxelo to top USA Brands like Xootr and Go-Ped. Also included are the famous Micro Kickboard scooters, who's quality products have to be included and last but not least, the trusty Razor USA Brand. Most of these Brands also make kids scooters as well as adult versions discussed in this article.


There are some really top quality and high-end Brands out there like Xootr who make several high-quality adult models. For a full review of all the different types see our Xootr adult kick scooter comparison. The Xootr is pretty much the top-of-the line when it comes to adult commuter kick scooters and they are well worth the money.

Xootr tend to be a little more expensive than the average scooter but you do get what you pay for with the Xootr. The all-aluminum design is very popular and they look great as you can see in this short promo video:

Xootr Adult Kick Scooter Promo Video


As well as Xootr, there are Brands like Go-Ped who make the most expensive and top-end kick scooter. That machine is built to last and Go-Ped offer a lifetime warranty to show how much confidence they have in their product. The Go-Ped is high-priced but it is the most durable on the market. In fact it may well be over-engineered for most commuting purposes as it is built like a tank.

Go-Ped Know Ped Highlights Video


Oxelo are a French company that also distribute in the USA and their Oxelo Town 9 EF is a high-end adult kick scooter with all the features you might ever need. It really is the Rolls Royce of commuting scooters. Oxelo have some real enthusiast riders who swear by their products. We have had a bunch of people asking about the great looking adult scooter in the picture at the top of this article, it is the Oxelo Town 9 adult folding scooter and you can find it here: Buy The Oxelo Town 9 EF V2 Adult Folding Scooter.

Oxelo Town 9 Review Video


Globber are a also French company that offer one of the best and most highly rated adult kick scooters out there, the Globber Adult One (price above). Again it's a top-end machine that will not let you down. The Globber Adult One (also known as the Kleefer Scooter) has a lot of unique features that other brands have not copied.

Because these features are likely expensive to manufacture they remain Globber specific. For example, you can lock the whels and store the scooter in an upright position which saves space.

Another nice touch is that Globber have eliminated carrying their scooters because they have a special 'trolley' mode. This means that you can fold the scooter then drag it behind you on it's wheel while holding the handle. Similar ot pulling wheeled luggage, this trolley mode is a really useful feature.

This Globber promo video explains the highlights of this excellent scooter very well:

Globber Promo Video

Micro Kickboard

Micro-Kickboard are another Brand that offer top-quality adult scooters via their Micro-Scooter range. This company is famous for it's Micro Scooters for Kids, however the array of options can be confusing so we created a page called Which Micro Scooter Is Right For Your Child? which can help you pick the right one for your kids.

What is less well-known is that Micro Kickboard make an excellent range of Adult Kick Scooters as well. They make both double-front wheel versions and regular 2 inline wheel versions like the Micro Flex Blue for adults.

A couple of these models are in our comparison table above but there is a few of notable Micro scooters that did not make the top ten like the Micro Monster Bullet Kick Scooter for adults.

The super-popular Micro Monster Scooter is also a good buy, there is a two-wheeled and three-wheeled version. It has super wide wheels for stable cruising and the fat tires provide extra grip on wet and uneven surfaces.

The 2-wheeled Micro Monster was discontinued but it was totally appropriate for adults is fold-able. It had a nice fat-tire rear and brake that iwas foot-operated by standing on the rear fender.

The Micro Monster Bullet has a 4.4 out of 5 customer rating on Amazon so you know that people loved it.

Instead, you can buy the 3-wheeled version of it here: Buy the Micro Monster Bullet kick scooter.

Another Micro Scooter model worth special mention, although it's already been discontinued as well,  was the Micro Suspension Scooter. Micro kickboard have really impressed people with this new addition to their family and I may consider including it in the top 10 table once I have given it a ride. However, it looks like typically high-grade Micro Kickboard manufacturing and I really trust the quality of their products.

The Micro Suspension scooter is the first of the Micro Scooters to have suspension included and reports are that this works extremely well and gives a totally smooth ride.

This is due, in part to the fact that Micro have mounted shock-absorbing springs on both the front and the back. Both ends of the deck are sitting on suspension coils and should absorb all of the road vibration so you won;t feel a thing as you're cruising to the office. It has the effect of eliminating the discomfort that can be caused by 'vibrating hands' as you hold onto the handlebar. This is a common complaint with Razor scooters without front suspension. One coil is underneath at the rear of the deck and the other is at the base of the stem over the front wheel.

This patented shock absorber system elevates the Micro Suspension Scooter to top-class status and to me, it looks like a totally upgraded Razor A5 Lux. The rear fender brake is also present as with many adult kick scooters.

It has the 200mm wheels and folding mechanism similar to the Razor A5 Lux but the suspension element makes this a superior ride. In fact, because the Razor scooters are so cheap but very popular it's not a bad idea for other manufacturers to create similar but much-upgraded models like this one. They have simply taken a popular product and improved it greatly, what could go wrong? It also looks cool and has a little sprung kick-stand which I like.

Shop Micro Kickboard Scooters for Adults & Teens

Best Micro Kickboard selection on Amazon

Amazon affiliate link


Finally, there is the trusty Razor Brand. Razor has been making scooters for many years and are the go-to Brand for many Americans. They can manufacture in such large quantities that they can really bring the price down.

 One of the models that I like very much, but it didn't quite make the top ten list above is the Razor Cruiser Scooter. The Razor Cruiser has used a technique similar to the Micro Flex scooters in that the deck is made of plywood and bonded with a slight upward curve that gives it a slight suspension spring.

The Razor Cruiser has nice, large 140mm wheels for street cruising rather than stunts and a rear fender brake which is now quite a common feature on many brands. The wheels are not the 200mm diameter that you will find on the Micro Scooters but they will do the job. ABEC-5 rated bearings will give the scooter a smooth ride and low axle resistance.

You can fold the Razor Cruiser and it's good to carry at only 8lbs in weight. It's pretty cheap, so anyone can afford to buy the Razor Cruiser Scooter here.

Razor's most popular Adult model is the Razor A5 Lux (in our top 10 table above) which you can read all about in our Razor A5 Lux Review. Although it's not a luxury top-end model it is incredibly decent value and is a great introduction into the world of adult kick scooting,

Aside, from these runners-up, you can find all of the best models in the Top 10 comparison table above.

So now we've looked at the top models and the top Brands of scooters, along with some of their notable models that did not make the top 10. It's time to look at what you need to be thinking about when buying an adult kick scooter. Here is our guide:

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing An Adult Scooter

Each Brand and model has their own distinctive features to consider, but there are some fundamental things you should keep in mind when choosing an adult kick scooter which we will look into now.

However you ride a kick scooter (personally, I like to chase my own son around the park on his own scooter). It's a great way to keep fit or to spend some quality family time. So here is our guide to comparing the best of Adult kick scooters, if you are not already an owner - then you are missing out!

Compare & Buy Kick Scooters for Adults

Low priced & high quality adult kick scooters on Amazon

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The adult scooter's features as opposed to a kids scooter are the grown-up design aspects regarding the body size, the weight and dimensions of the scooter kickboard, handlebars and wheels. However, they are not always easily distinguishable from a child's scooter and as an adult buyer you will need to know what to look for in the best of adult kick scooters as they do vary in quality, weight and price.

While finding the right scooter, you will need to consider these important attributes:

Sturdiness and Diameter of Wheels

You will definitely have extra weight as compared to a kid so for that, you will need to pay attention the wheels of the scooter that you are planning to buy.

The sturdiness of a wheel is rated with numbers in A's. This means that the higher the number, the tougher the tire. For instance, a scooter with 75A has softer wheels than 100A rating wheels that cruise comfortably on the road, but 75A wheels will wear out faster.

A good choice for wheel rating is a scooter with an 85A wheel, which is a balance of soft and durable and will hold your extra weight without wearing out too easily. For the diameter, it is recommended to choose one that has a diameter of about 200mm, this will be faster and more comfortable than a very narrow wheel.

Bear in mind that with the small size of scooter wheels, road friction does not play a huge part as it might with car tires so there is not too much variation in road friction. This is where kids stunt scooters come into play, because their tiny narrow wheels are great for fast stunts. Not likely to be your concern as an adult rider!

Height of the Handlebar Post

The height of the handlebar post will determine if you have to lean forwards as you are cruising on the kick scooter, which will most likely be uncomfortable. The standard and recommended height of the handlebar should be between 42 to 43 inches. This is additional to the 4 inches or so of the kick board height.

At around 36 inches, the height will comfortably reach the waist of most adults up to 6 feet tall, a perfect fit as you cruise on your scooter. Your arms should be reasonably perpendicular to  your body without needing to lean on the handlebars. They are mainly there for grip and balance rather than leaning on like a bike handlebars.


Having suspension on the back and front wheels will help to absorb road shocks in an effective way. As you consider the suspension, keep in mind that it will affect the response of the scooter as you are kicking or pushing, soft suspension will take more effort.

Ensure that the scooter has the right suspension for the sake of being able to support your weight well and if it's too soft then kicking the scoot along will be difficult.

Stability - Wheel Base

You will also need to consider how stable the scooter will be, especially when you are at a higher speed. The stability will be in relation to the wheelbase, which plays a huge role in supporting the overall weight when you are on the scooter.

The larger the wheelbase, the more stable it will be (up to a point, of course). The best recommended size of wheelbase for an adult kick scooter is between 25.5 and 28.5 inches.

To be clear, the wheelbase is the distance between the front wheel and the rear wheel, and the longer the better. Clearly the adult scooter should have a longer wheelbase than it's kids counterpart - so be sure to compare the two before you buy.

The Deck

You will also need to consider the deck and the frame, in particular the material used. The most recommended type is an aluminum deck, which is tough and also light although there are some good flexible plywood decks out there. A light weight is important as this means that you can easily carry it around whenever you need to go up stairs on an escalator, carrying the scooter easily will be important to you.

The adult deck should also be a fair bit wider than a child's scooter to support both feet when traveling at speed. Most kids scooters have tiny decks for their tiny feet. Make sure that your ultimate choice has a reasonably wide deck or it will be too uncomfortable to ride in your size 10's! The deck on the Xootr Kick Scooter is particularly wide and great for big feet.

The Weight

As well as the major features listed here, you will need to know how much the scooter weighs. This is the clearest differentiator between an adult and kids scooter as the adult's version will be heavier - even if only slightly, as the strength of the pins and couplings also count for a lot. As mentioned, the overall weight is important as you will want to fold and carry the kick scooter especially if you will use it for commuting.

High strength and more weight are usually associated with heavy-duty adult scooters, it is worth taking this into account. You will want something solid but the price will usually go up as the scooter gets lighter because it's more expensive to manufacture an adult kick scooter with super-lightweight components. Anyone who has compared mountain bikes or similar will have found the same.

For an adult scooter, the most suitable weight is between 10 to 12 pounds. This will be heavy enough to match your weight and light enough to carry around.

Special Features:


It is important that the kick scooter should have a hand-brake as well as a good rear brake for extra safety. Be aware that you will need a longer stopping or braking distance than a child. Normally an adult will have more kick power than a child which makes them faster on the scooter and as safety is paramount, stopping quickly will save you from serious mishaps.

So it's worth paying attention to brakes when comparing and adult kick scooter!

We would recommend that it's essential to look for one that has a hand-brake as well as a foot heel brake for the rear wheel.

Most of the kid scooters have no hand-brakes at all and even some of the best adult scooters only have a single rear foot brake which might be fine for you. The rear brake should be a heavier brake designed for adults that can withstand a lot of pressure, but it's worth taking note of and looking at reviews before buying. If you possibly can, find one with both a front a rear brake according to your budget.


The scooter should also have a kickstand, which gives you much more flexibility when parking it. Mostly as an adult, you would be visiting busier locations and you wouldn’t want to leave your scooter down on the ground where it might get damaged.

Service Warranty

This could be a minor issue, as most will have one but you will need a scooter from a manufacturer that offers great service if anything untoward should happen. When you are cruising around on your kick scooter you will most likely come across some scrapes (it's normal as there is some risk involved with riding these things) so you may need to have the scooter serviced or repaired regularly.

At least it's worth knowing that if a disaster should happen that you will not be left high and dry and forced to replace the kick scooter with a new one.

Compared to a kids scooter which is mostly ridden around the neighborhood or at home, you could be riding your kick scooter in busy streets much further from home. An adult scooter is more of a serious mode of transport - you may use it for commuting and so you and the scooter are best served if it has a good service warranty.

Also, if you want the best adult kick scooter, you will consider what purpose they are especially made for. Commuting, sports, stunts or leisure? Scooters do come in all shapes and sizes. Each one will likely be made with a specific purpose in mind and the manufacturer should explain this clearly.

Compare & Buy Kick Scooters for Adults

Low priced & high quality adult kick scooters on Amazon

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Some adult kick scooters will last for a very long time even in rough conditions, while others that are designed for best performance may be lighter and less durable. so again, choose your scooter according to your reasons for using it. Is it primarily for getting to work? Folding and carrying on the train or bus? Is it for pure leisure around the city?  Will it be put in the trunk of your car a lot? Will you use it for stunts?


If you want the best of the best then that's all good. Just choose between the Know-Ped, Globber Adult One and The Oxelo Town 9. For the rest of us who need something slightly lighter on the wallet then the following are great choices:

For our money the Razor A5 Lux and The Micro Flex Blue are some of the best value adult scooters for different reasons.

You can read all about the excellent and reasonably priced Razor A5 Lux on our review page. We included it because it's one of the best value adult kick scooters on the market.

Don't forget that Micro Kickboard also have the stunning larger-wheeled scooter like the Razor A5 Lux called the Micro White Adult Scooter, which we would recommend as a quality alternative to the Razor A5 Lux

However, if you are after something more of a top-end but still medium priced  adult kick scooter then head on over to our Micro Flex Blue Best Adult Kick Scooter Review.

The Micro Flex by Micro Kick Board is a great quality adult scooter that has some interesting features. Micro Kickboard are really well-known for their kids scooters, especially  the ones with the double-wheels at the front, but these adult models are not so well-known.

Thank you for reading this guide about how to compare the best adult kick scooters and please feel free to leave comments about your own adult scooter experiences below.

Adult Kick Scooting In Town [Video]


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