Little Tikes Cozy Truck Is The Best Kids Ride-On Truck For 1-6 Year Olds

Recommended Ride-On Little Tikes Cozy Truck in Blue Review

First off, this is a great kids truck and a well-known Little Tikes best selling ride-on toy that will last for a few years. It will even get passed down the generations as this popular truck has been loved by kids for over 20 years.

Since we first wrote this review, several models of the Cozy Truck have become available and they are all listed for comparison below:

Little Tikes Cozy Truck Comparison Table

Image Name Rating Features Age Lowest price Color Max Rider Weight # Riders Construction Material Seatbelt Warranty Length Details
Buy the Little Tikes Cozy Truck Original Blue Ride-on
Little Tikes Cozy Truck Blue Original
Removable floor, horn, gas cap, side door, tailgate, parent push handle, 2x LR44 batteries not included, Assembly required 18 months - 5 years $82.48

Blue/Yellow 50lbs 1 Plastic No 1year
Buy the Little Tikes Cozy Truck Face Lift Blue Ride-on
Little Tikes Cozy Truck Blue Facelift
Removable floor, horn, gas cap, side door, tailgate, parent push handle, 2x LR44 batteries not included, Assembly required 18 months - 5 years $66.24

Blue/Yellow 50lbs 1 Plastic No 1year
Buy the Little Tikes Princess Cozy Truck Ride-on
Little Tikes Cozy Princess Truck
Removable floor, horn, gas cap, side door, tailgate, parent push handle, 2x LR44 batteries not included, Assembly required 18 months - 5 years $59.10

Pink/Purple 50lbs 1 Plastic No 1year
Buy the Little Tikes Cozy Fire Truck Amazon Exclusive Ride-on
Little Tikes Cozy Fire Truck Amazon Exclusive
Removable floor, horn, gas cap, side door, tailgate, parent push handle, 2x LR44 batteries not included, Assembly required 18 months - 5 years Out of stock
Check availability
Red/White 50lbs 1 Plastic No 1year
Buy the Little Tikes Spray & Rescue Fire Truck Ride-on
Little Tikes Spray & Rescue Fire Truck
Water tank, hose and water pumper, no floor for foot power, Assembly required, Made in USA 18 months - 5 years $113.00

Red/White 50lbs 1 Plastic No 1year

If you are looking for something a tiny bit larger, this is a good bet because we found that the truck is slightly taller than the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Ride-on Car as the cab space is larger, therefore it's good for kids up to the age of 5-6 or so.

The truck really does look great

especially as I left off some of the stickers and windshield eyes to make it look more like a real truck. For example, the big plastic windshield eyes that are supposed to be put where the windshield should be. But this just makes it look more like a toy and even obscures the child's vision so they can't see what's in from of them too easily!

Our son likes kids ride-on cars that look like the real thing and with it's big truck wheels, tailgate, fuel cap and doors this Cozy Truck certainly does the trick for him. But as I said, without the big eyes stuck on the front!


So here is the rub with this good looking truck.

It is really not easy to build. Is comes in many parts and is a bit overwhelming when you first empty the box and see all the parts on the floor. In our case, the fuel cap was missing and we had to contact Little Tikes to send one out which they did without a fuss. But I would say that it is worth checking all the parts are there first, before you build it.

I had built the truck before realising the cap was left out and so couldn't return it for a compete truck as it was already built! The other thing worth mentioning is that you might need to have a small drill handy. I found that a couple of the holes were not pre-drilled properly and I had to do that before I could screw in a couple of the parts on the doors.

In addition, it took me a long time to get the roof on because the first time I put it together the roof supports did not fit properly so I dismantled it and tried again a different way.

The rear roof supports we're not that easy to snap in and it looked like they wouldn't fit at all until I tried a different approach and then everything fit together with a bit of encouragement brute force!

I noticed that there was a 2nd sheet of amended instructions in the box for the roof parts. These version 2 instructions were more helpful and relevant to the roof support problems I experienced but the point is that I didn't see this extra sheet of instructions at first and that would have saved me around an hours work.

So to recap for a better experience constructing this kids ride-on truck:

  1. Unpack all the pieces from the box and check that everything is there before you build it (including fuel cap)
  2. Check for all the instruction sheets (including the additional amendment sheet)
  3. Have a small hand-held drill close by if you need to re-drill some of the screw holes not done at the factory
  4. If any parts are missing, contact Little Tikes directly and not the retailer or Amazon. Little Tikes are helpful and will send out any missing parts right away.
  5. Allow at least 2-3 hours to build this truck, it's complicated and a project in itself to complete!

In Use At Play

OK, well now onto the good parts about this cool kids truck because despite the difficulty building it the kids will thank you for your effort and it will be worth the toil in the long run.

Before I talk too much about the dark blue truck which I bought, there is also a pink and purple or mauve version that Little Tikes call

the Princess Cozy Truck

which some kids (I'm not going to call it the girls one, but what's up with toy manufacturers these days with all their pink stuff for girls?) might prefer. Anyhow there is a pink one if you have a trucking princess who want's one but for realism we went for the dark blue one because we don't see many big pink trucks out in the real world!

As mentioned before the truck is taller than the other Little Tikes vehicles like the Cozy Coupe Car. This extra height in the cab means that an older child can use it and the truck will last longer. In our case we bout it for our 1.5 year old son and our 6 year old neighbours kids can fit into the truck without a problem.

I like the fact that this will give us 4.5 years of use. Unless of course our kid turns out to be a giant, which judging by our gene-pool in unlikely! Our kid Is not yet tall enough to put his feet down to the floor while sitting in the cab and so I have fitted the floorboard to the bottom of the cab which allows him to put his feet up and us to push him along in it much like a truck-shaped stroller! It has a handle at the back on the roof which is perfect for pushing them along in.

Our boy loves this mode of transport and as the steering wheel is not actually connected to the wheels, he can steer all he want and that will not interfere with the direction we are pushing. Now when the neighbours kid, who is 6 comes round to play we just remove the floorboard in the cab so he can put his feet down and scoot around the place while pretending to drive like a grown up.

I find it especially funny when kids play at reversing

the truck as the imitate adults so well.  One arm goes over the back of the cab as they look behind and take the job of reversing very seriously!

One of the best things about the truck is the smallest feature but one that adds a lot of value for the kids. It's the horn! The truck' shorn is a realising truck sounding electronic horn rather than one of those old-fashioned squeaky air horns that we used to get in my day. The realistic truck horn sound really seems to make all the difference to our boy and the play is that much more realistic.

To summarise this Cozy Truck, it's got big truck wheels!

and a big turn horn a tailgate and drinks holders at the back. A great big cab that will last a few years, it's made of extremely tough plastic like all Little Tikes cars and will not break. And mainly the kids absolutely love this thing. It's a hit in our house with our boy and the neighbours.

It is a big pain to build but really worth it in the long run as our son literally lives in his truck now. We totally recommend this truck but only give it a 4 start rating because it's so hard to build! But really parents, step up the plate and make this truck a build project for yourself and you'll have some very happy kids and a ride-on toy truck that will last a few years as they grow.

Little Tikes have kept the Cozy Truck around for so many years for a good reason. It is simply a classic Ride on toy for toddlers and kids of several generations have loved it over the years. These are sturdy and tough which makes them one of the best ride on toys for toddlers you can buy.

Buy The Little Tikes Cozy Truck

You can buy The Little Tikes Cozy Truck here ( lowest price: $69.00 ):

Amazon affiliate link

It is also worth remembering that as they are hard to break that they can be passed onto younger siblings, friends and famiy once your child grows out of it.


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