15 Reasons To Consider Buying An Electric Scooter For Adults

The Inokim Myway Is One Of The Best Quality Electric Scooter For Adults

The Top 15 Reasons You Should Buy An Adult Electric Scooter

Prices range from $250 - $1,499

In addition to the very popular and we hope, adult electric scooter reviews that we cover on this site, various forms of personal transportation exist that cater for the adult population. Ranging from ordinary cars to motorcycles, bicycles and kick scooters, skateboards, budget hoverboard self-balancing scooters and electric bikes there is a huge choice for adults right now.

These various modes of personal transport  cover a wide price range, have different mileage ranges, wight-carrying capacities, and may be used for all manner of work or leisure journeys.

This particular discussion deals with the specific subject of the electric scooter. By highlighting and explaining the top 15 reasons why, as an adult you should consider buying one, I hope to spread the word about these amazing personal electric-powered vehicles and get everyone riding them!

1. Seamless Maneuverability

These vehicles can easily and conveniently negotiate corners, meander through traffic, and move from one point to another. Furthermore, they may be used on both pedestrian walkways and on-roads. Consequently, they are handy and quite relevant for use by adults in the work force in times of heavy traffic as they enable their riders to confront traffic snarl-ups with relative ease. 

2. Time Saving 

As has already been stated before, these vehicles can easily move through traffic during jams and rush hours. They are therefore quite applicable for those adults who reside in urban areas that are more susceptible to heavy traffic and traffic jams because they greatly save on the travel time.

The Agda Electric Scooter

The Agda White Electric Scooter With Seat costs around $561. Click the picture to buy.

3. Less Effort Than A Bicycle

Electric scooters by their nature are battery-powered. They therefore require less muscle power as compared mainly to the ordinary bicycles and non-battery powered counterparts. This trait enables adults to ride them for longer periods of time without necessarily being subjected to fatigue, boredom, and exhaustion. 

4. Extended Range Compare To A Kick Scooter

Thanks to the battery-powered motors, these vehicles may cover farther distances faster than ordinary scooters and bicycles. Adults who are regular commuters may therefore count on these vehicles to reach their destinations quicker and avoid the inconveniences of ordinary bicycles.

The EcoReco Electric Scooter

The EcoReco Electric Scooter costs around $1,149. Click the picture to buy

5. Cost Effectiveness When Compared To A Motorbike

They deliver exceptional, effective and productive results relative to their costs of acquisition and maintenance. This is brought about by a convergence of a host of cost-reduction factors among them being affordability, low or no insurance premiums, less maintenance costs, and low operational expenses.

Adults who opt to incorporate electric scooters as a part of their transport vehicle collections therefore stand to save a lot on travel costs.

6. More Portable Than A Car

Generally speaking, these vehicles are very light in weight. They can hence be conveniently lifted around and deployed to the particular desired point of use with as minimal distractions as possible. What’s more? Their light weight also translates into ease of steering as well as enhanced maneuverability. 

7. Improves Body Health and Fitness 

In the course of steering and traveling on these vehicles, several body parts and muscle groups such as the arms, the legs, the hips, back muscles, abdominal muscles, upper limb muscles, and the lower limb muscles are engaged. This leads to the strengthening and toning of the various parts of the body which in turn improves the overall body health and fitness.

The Razor E300 Budget Electric Scooter

The Razor E300 Electric Scooter Costs around $249 for the version with a seat. Click the picture to buy.

8. Pain Relief

Closely related to the above point, these vehicles can greatly relieve pain that may affect the various parts of the body. This stems from the fact that while riding them, the back muscles are stretched back and forth and relaxed on a regular basis. In so doing, hip bone pains and neck pains are also prevented.

Adults may therefore opt for these vehicles for their pain relief in lieu of medication which may have certain accompanying side effects. 

9. Can Aid Weight Loss

Conservative estimates would guess that while riding these electric scooters, up to 30% extra energy is burned as compared to riding cars. Regular riding of these electric scooters, therefore will have the impact of reducing weight and the associated negative consequences of being overweight such as loss of flexibility, loss of mobility, obesity, heart attacks, and hypertension.

The Inokim Myway Electric Scooter

The Inokim MyWay Electric Scooter costs around $1,499. Click the picture to buy.

10. Safety When Compared To Faster Vehicles

The typical scooter comprises a host of elegant safety features among them being hand-operated acceleration controls, automatic power cut-off, rear braking mechanism, and rear lights. All these features work hand in hand to guarantee the safety of the adults on board by helping them to considerably prevent accidents while on the move.

The Uberscoot 1600 Watt 48 Volt Turbo Electric Scooter

The Uberscoot 1600w 48v costs arounf $669.95. Click the picture to buy.

11. Eco-Friendliness 

Owing to the fact that they are battery-powered, they emit almost no toxic exhausts into the atmosphere such as Carbon dioxide and Carbon monoxide. Their use therefore causes no damage to the atmosphere and environment as a whole. Furthermore their riders are also spared of the possibility of inhaling these harmful gases. 

12. Requires Less Parking and Storage Space 

Most electric scooters are fold-able. This combined with their compact sizes and light weight means that they are very easy to park and store if and when the need may so require. Adults who own homes of just about every other size from a condominium to a mansion will therefore find them quite suitable for their unique needs. 

13. Less Stringent Statutory Regulations 

In most jurisdictions in the USA (but do check your local laws), electric scooters are treated more or less like ordinary bicycles. This means that they require almost no operational licenses, can be carried on board buses and other public means of transportation, and attract very low or almost no parking fees.

Acquiring an electric scooter and subsequently getting started on one is a pretty straightforward thing to do, unlike buying and driving a car!

14. Easy to Master and Comprehend 

Learning to ride an electric scooter is much easier than say learning to ride a bicycle or an automobile. Anyone can easily learn to do so regardless of their skill or level of technical expertise. Furthermore, the rider may jump off the scooter and push it whenever it becomes cumbersome to ride it.

Adults by nature are conservative meaning that they generally find it difficult to adapt to change. The relative ease of mastering and comprehending these vehicles is therefore a bonus to them.

The Uberscoot Citi Commuter Electric Scooter

The Uberscoot 800w Citi Electric Scooter costs around $698.95. Click the picture to buy.

15. Reduced Stress

Acquiring, owning, operating, and maintaining these vehicles are much more stress-free compared to vehicles of more or less similar functionality such as motorcycles, bicycles, and automobiles.

Electric scooters require less physical strength to power, steer, and maneuver; require less parking and storage spaces; are fairly cheaper and affordable; and enable their riders to breathe fresh air and enjoy the cool breeze and abundant sunlight to mention but a few! Adults will therefore enjoy reduced stress should they opt for these vehicles. 


The benefits of electric scooters are numerous indeed so much so that owing to the limitations of space, all of them could not be completely highlighted and discussed. The 15 reasons to buy an electric scooter for adults as discussed above are therefore by no means exhaustive.

Any serious adult who is keen on leveraging these and the many more benefits of adult electric kick scooters must therefore seriously contemplate acquiring at least one of these great machines!

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