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how does a hoverboard work and what is a hoverboard explained

Explained: What Is A Hoverboard And How Does It Work?

How does a hoverboard work? What exactly is a hoverboard? What is all the fuss about? We explain both the technical and the cultural reasons that makes hoverboard's work as the top-rated electric scooter gift of the moment. Read more...
How To Know Which Type Of Electric Scooter Battery Is Best

Electric Scooter Batteries - Which Type Is Best?

Electric Scooter Batteries come in various types but which is best? Considering the technological advances with battery power in the past few years, which type of battery should you look for when buying an electric scooter? As the battery is an essential component in an e-scooter use our in-depth guide on batteries to help you choose the best electric scooter.

Dirt Scooter Difference With Stunt Scooter Royal Scout Pro

Dirt Scooter Vs Kick Scooter What's The Difference?

A look at the dirt scooter and how it is different to a stunt scooter or a regular kick scooter. Designed for rough terrain, much like a BMX bike the dirt scooter has several points of difference Vs a stunt scooter. A detailed review of this newest class of kick scooter for riding on dirt!

Uberscoot Review Of Different Models And Company History

Uber Scoot And Evo Powerboards Scooter Company Review

Guide to the Uberscoot Evo Powerboards Company and review of their best adult electric scooter product lines. These popular Uber Scoot electric vehicles are not toys but fully-fledged motorized personal transport vehicles. Uber Scoot manufacture both adult and child versions of their top-rated scooters.

Xootr produce some fo the best quality adult scooters

Xootr Comparison Guide - Scooter, Bike & Company Review

Compare Xootr kick scooters for adults if you are almost ready to buy. The Xootr scooter company produces some of the best quality adult wheels on the market and their high quality reflects the care they take with their Brand and marketing.

Wim Ouboter With his Microlino Electric Car

Wim Ouboter And His Micro Mobility Systems Story

The Inventor of the Micro-Scooter, Wim Ouboter has a fascinating story. His company Micro Mobility Systems has gone from strength to strength. Here is their story in full.

10 of the best electric scooter safety tips for carefree riding

10 Best Electric Scooter Safety Tips

Guide to the top 10 safety tips for adult e-scooters. The best electric scooters for adults are fun and practical vehicles, but it is important to be safe and avoid serious injury. These adult scooters are definitely not toys and some can travel up to 25 mph. So stay safe with these tips! Read more...
The Inokim Myway Is One Of The Best Quality Electric Scooter For Adults

15 Reasons To Consider Buying An Electric Scooter For Adults

Top reasons to consider purchasing a best electric scooter. We can help you answer the question "Why Should I Buy And Electric Scooter?". For adults an electric scooter is a great addition to your daily commute or leisure time. These electric motor powered scooters are not toys but speedy personal transport vehicles. More practical than a car and easier than a bike over long distances. You should really consider buying one! Read more...
How To Look After And Maintain An Electric Scooter

How To Look After An Electric Scooter - Maintenance Tips & Tricks

The best electric scooter maintenance tips and tricks to help you look after your electric scooter. There are a few things that you can do on a regular basis that will keep your electric scooter well-maintained and in tip-top condition for riding. In this how-to guide, we list the neccessary maintenance items that will keep your electric scooter working well for when you need it. Read more...
Electric Scooter Battery Care and Maintenance

How Do I Extend The Battery Life Of My Electric Scooter?

Top electric scooter battery maintenance tips for maximizing the battery life. The batteries in electric scooters can be 12V, 36V or even 48 Volt and if they are looked after correctly can last a very long time.

Where Did Self-Balancing hoverboard Scooters Come From?

Where Did Hoverboard Scooters Originate From?

Where did all these self-balancing hoverboard scooters come from? Who invented the first one and should you buy a budget hoverboard or go for one of the more expensive brands? We answer all these questions and more about the self-balancing smart hoverboard scooter. Read more...
Are Self-Balancing Hoverboard Scooters and Segways Legal in NYC?

Are Hoverboards Legal In NYC And Other Cities In The US?

NYPD have recently been issuing warnings and fines as hoverboards are not considered legal for public use in the city. However, in California hoverboards and segways or swegways are legal to use. Different decisions have been made in the law of each state. Read more...
The Most Popular Ride On Toys of This Year For Adults Or Kids Listed

The Most Popular Ride On Toys For Kids Or Adults This Year

Which ride-on toys have been the top toys of the year? Are they also the best toys of all time? As we come up to Black Friday we look back over the past year and find out which ride-ons have been the best sellers at Toyrider and the top ride-on toys of the past 12 months. Read more...
Black Friday Best Discounts on Kids Ride On Toys

6 Of The Best Mega Discounted Kids Ride-On Toys

The best available deals & reductions on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal week for Kids Ride-On Toys. These top clearance kids ride-on toys have the deepest discounts. Some have up to a 50% discount compared with the original price. Grab a deal and buy one today!

Tutorial guide on how to ride a self balancing scooter segway hoverboard

Beginners Guide - How To Ride A Self-Balancing Scooter Hoverboard

How do you learn how to learn to ride a self-balancing scooter? How long does it take to learn to ride a self-balancing scooter hoverboard? How to move forwards on a self-balancing scooter hoverboard? We answer these and other questions in this easy tutorial guide for novice riders on how to ride a self-balancing scooter hoverboard.

Which Micro Scooter Sha I choose For My Child?

Which Micro Scooter Is Right For Your Child?

Deciding exactly which model of Micro Scooter to buy can be confusing. Is the Mini Micro too small? Does the Maxi have handlebars that extend? If you don't know which Micro Scooter to buy, we answer all these questions and more to help you compare micro scooters, decide and choose the right one for your child. Whether you find a Maxi Micro Scooter on Sale or a Mini Micro Scooter with a nice discount, the same questions apply.

Top 10 Cheap Self Balancing Scooters Reviews To Compare

The Best Cheap Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard Models

The best value top 50 hoverboard comparison table. All the cheapest hoverboard models compared for those on a budget. We look at the best inexpensive UL2272 Certified Hoverboards to help you answer which is the best Hoverboard for the money? We include a full range including Bluetooth models in this review. The UL 2272 certified hoverboards are safety-approved and fully certified. A look at the top budget self balancing scooter hoverboards and self balancing unicycle models like Swagtron, Skque, Kiirover, glyro and Jetson in this review to make your Holidays go with a smooth ride! We only list the best rated and top selling self-balancing, hands-free, Mini Segway scooter hoverboards that are a reasonable price and cheap to purchase. Read more...
Mini Micro and Maxi Micro Scooters Are Great For Balance Confidence in Kids

How The Micro Scooter Can Help Kids Learn How To Balance

Kids with a balance disorder have a special challenge in life. Review our personal story of how using Mini Micro Scooters and Maxi Micro Scooters helped our son gain balance skills. Eventually he came to enjoy riding a regular 2-wheeled kick scooter un-aided!

How is fitness important for children's health?

What Is Exercise Therapy For Children?

Exercise is important for child development but some cannot run about in the usual way due to a disability or accidental injury. There are other ways to help these kids including exercise therapy. This type of therapy can help ADHD as well as physical disabilities in children. Read more...
How To Help A Special Needs Child With Balance Issues

10 Ways To Help A Child With Balance Problems

Many children have special needs, no matter how small the need it can be devastating. In this article we look at how to help kids with balance problems whether they have developmental delays or the balance issues are caused by some kind of brain injury. Read more...
Common Power Wheels Faults And The Best Spare PArts To Fix Them

A Guide To The Top Fisher Price Power Wheels Replacement Parts

Which spare replacement parts for Fisher Price Power Wheels ride-on toys do you need? Our guide to common faults with Power Wheels electric cars and the parts most frequently used to fix them! Read more...
The Top 5 Fisher-Price Power Wheels Electric Vehicales For Kids

Compare The Top 5 Fisher-Price Power Wheels Electric Vehicles

The top 5 best selling and most popular 6v and 12v kids Power Wheels quad bikes, Jeep and Ford electric trucks to compare by Fisher Price. We help you choose the right one for your child from this exciting range from Fisher-Price.

Kids Ferrari Go Kart and Comparison Review of the most expensive kids pedal karts

The Ferrari FXX Go Kart For Big Kids And Other Berg Pedal Go Karts

The Berg Ferrari FXX Racer Pedal Go Kart Review and comparison with other large-size Berg best pedal go-karts for big kids, teens and adults like the John Deere Tractor pedal kart, Off Road Xplorer, Safari AF and Wrangler Jeep pedal go-karts.

Beginner's Scooter Tricks List

Best Kick Scooter Tricks For Beginners Top 5 List

Our top 5 list of the best kick scooters tricks for beginners to learn right now! Why wait to show off tricks if you are a novice? Get these great scooter tricks under your belt and become an expert in no time!

Getting Rid Of Rust From Metal Framed Kick Scooter and Balance Bikes

How To Remove Rust From Chrome Bikes And Kick Scooters

Looking for tips on how to restore the metal, chrome and steel parts on your bike or scooter and remove rust? Did you leave your scooter or bike out in the rain? Read our how to guide for the best methods for getting rid of rust.

Fix And Maintain Your Kick Scooter So It Will Last A Long Time

Kick Scooter Maintenance And Fix Tips Using The Correct Tools

Kick scooter maintenance tips to fix issues, replace handle grips and replace scooter wheels using the right tools for the job. Razor scooter maintenance done the right way these tips will help your new scooter last for years. Read more...
How To Choose New Kick Scooter Wheels

Replacing Kick Scooter Wheels - What You Need To Know

Select the right scooter wheels. How to choose replacement kick scooter wheels and bearings. We look at the variety of scooter wheel options available, ABEC specifications of scooter bearings and which types of scooter wheels are best for different uses

Metal Core Kick Scooter Replacement Wheels

Replacing Razor Scooter Wheels And Bearings

Changing your Razor scooter wheels or want to replace your kick scooter bearings? Step by step guide on how to change the essential wheel and bearing kick scooter moving parts.

Guide To Choosing The Best Safety Helmet For Toddlers

Choosing The Best Safety Helmets For Toddlers - What To Look For

Choosing the right satefy helmet for your toddler is of the utmost importance to prevent head injuries while learning to ride their first bike, scooter, balance bike or skateboard. Our parents guide helps you understand what tpo look out for when deciding which kids helmet to buy.

How to Choose The Best Kick Scooters For Adults

How to Compare The Best Kick Scooters For Adults

Guide to choosing the best kick scooters for adults. Use the Top 10 Adult Kick Scooter Comparison Table. Grown-ups come in all shapes and sizes and of course are much heavier than the average kid. this means that industrial strength materials and construction need to be used for the grown-ups scooter whether it is used for fun or commuting to work. Our guide to choosing the best adult kick scooter can help you distinguish the kids scooters from the adult scooters so that you know you will have a safe ride.

Guide To Kids Protective Gear for Balance Bikes, Kick Scooters and Skateboards

Guide to Kids Protective Gear For Kick Scooters, Balance Bikes and Skateboards

A handy guide to the essential safety and protective gear that every child between 5 and 16 years needs wile riding or skating. We cover what to look for with helmets, knee pads, wrist guards, gloves and elbow pads. Bumps are part of the fun, but let's keep them to a minimum!

Balance Bikes Guide - Choosing a Balance Bike (FirstBIKEe image)

Balance Bikes Guide - when choosing the best balance bike

Our guide to choosing the best balance bike. We explain what to look for when buying a balance bike, what to expect in construction and materials and of course, how they provide the most fun to the kids that enjoy them!

What to Look For When Choosing A Kids Electric Ride On Car

Electric Ride-On Cars - What To Look for When Choosing the Best One

How to compare features of the best electric ride on cars. Our reviewed best kids electric cars and electric ride-on's are clearly becoming more sophisticated and the 6v or 12v electric ride-on's are a great treat for kids these days.


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