Guide to Kids Protective Gear For Kick Scooters, Balance Bikes and Skateboards

Guide To Kids Protective Gear for Balance Bikes, Kick Scooters and Skateboards

Over seventy percent of children between the age of five and fourteen love outdoor activities like camping, kick scooting, balance bike riding and skateboarding.

Although these activities are a great form of exercise, if not done with the right kids protective gear they can be dangerous.

Riding a kick scooter, bike or skateboard is a lot of fun for children and falling off is a part of the learning process. It is therefore important to know how to keep your child safe when they start riding.

Next to motor vehicle related injuries, bicycles injure more children as compared to other consumer products

The Top 3 Reasons For Kids To Wear Protective Gear When Scootering, Biking or Boarding

  1. The most common and most serious injury sustained with scooters, skateboarding, bikes and in-line skates is a head injury
  2. Head injuries are known to be the the leading cause of disability and death in these type of accidents
  3. Wearing kids protective gear can reduce the risk of injury or death and reduce the severity of injuries in case of an accident

Here are some of the most important kids protective gear you can get for your little one;

Kids Helmets

The helmet is the most vital piece of safety equipment that your kid needs when riding a bike, scooter, skateboard, roller skates or balance bike.

A helmet has been shown to reduce the risk of head injuries by around 85%.

Some states actually have a bicycle helmet legislation that requires helmets to be worn by all bikers.

When buying a helmet for your child, ensure that it fits perfectly on the head on a level position that does not rock from side to side.

Your childs helmet should have a hard outer shell with an absorbing liner

Buy a bright coloured helmet. Bright colours are easily noticeable from a distance and can prevent accidents.

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Ensure that the helmet has a CPSC certified sticker. This is a grade of consumer product that ensures the helmet's safety.

Kids Knee and Elbow Pads

Knee pads are used in several activities like skateboarding and biking.

They provide padding to the knees while the plastic kneecap provides sliding and swivel action as it takes friction off the patella.

A knee pad has two straps. One strap is strapped above the knee while the other is strapped below.

Knee pads prevent a broken patella and the development of bursitis which iscaused by constant banging

One thing to consider when selecting a pad is whether it comes with an integrated shin guard. These extra pieces enhance the security offered by regular knee-cap pads.

This type of a kneecap will stretch the sense of adventure for your child when practising tricks and stunts during their skateboarding practice. Elbow pads are another safety measure for kids.

They go hand in hand with knee pads. They prevent abrasion and bruises on the elbows in case of an accident. It is important to pads made of a durable material.

The material should also be soft on the skin since children's skins are very sensitive.

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Kids gloves

No matter the type of bike or scooter your child rides, the fingers and feet need to work together in unison to allow efficient accelerating and braking.

This allows them to take corners and race efficiently. Because the feet and fingers are exposed to the wind, it is important to protect them.

Gloves keep your child warm but most importantly keep their hands protected as they race. For racing purposes settle on gloves that offer knuckle protection and have padded hands.

Gloves are available in a wide variety of materials. However, leather gloves are highly recommended

Leather gloves are highly recommended...

because they give high protection from flames, heat, flying sparks and rough objects.

They are available in different sizes for children so it is best to go with your child to try them on before a purchase. Leather gloves are also made from different types of leather like kangaroo, kid skin, deerskin, cowhide and nappa.

Kid skin leather gloves should be smooth, thin and soft and are mostly made from goatskin.

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Wrist Guards

Wrist guards are like an extension to the glove. Wrist guard protectors are wristbands with a hard strip, usually of metal sewn into the inner wrist which prevents the wrist from straining or breaking during a forwards facing fall.

In a forwards-fall our instinct is to hold the arms out stright to break the fall, but this leaves our wrists vulnerable to serious injury.

It is adviseable to wear wrist-guards when skateboarding, roller skating, stunt biking and scootering to prevent serious wrist injuries.

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Since children love colour, buy their gear in one of their favourite colours!

Girls often prefer fancy designs like princesses and Cinderella while boys Or their fathers!) will often opt for more masculine designs or cartoon characters. This will encourage them to wear them.

It is not only kids' protective gear you should consider, but also educate them about wearing ear buds or headphones when active in the park. They severely restrict the ability to react immediately to danger or hear traffic.

If they have to wear headphones, they should not do so when riding or skateboarding!


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