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Uberscoot Review Of Different Models And Company History

Uberscoot & Evo Powerboards Powerful Electric Scooters

Unfortunately, neither Evo Powerboards or Uberscoot currently manufacture or sell any of these powerful electric scooters any more. However, there are some very similar scooters which are highly rated and available now. Some of these new machines will travel up to 60mph! Compare these powerful electric scooters in the table below:

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Useful Information About The Evo Powerboards Company

The Uber Scoot or Evo Powerboards Company which make the scooter we looked at in the Uberscoot review is from sunny South Africa. A specialized expert in the design and manufacture of PTV (Personal transport Vehicles), the company has gone through a revolution over the past 20 years.

Evo Powerboards say that their new range has gone above and beyond in terms of design excellence. Uberscoot’s fourth generation incorporates top notch advanced technologies and exemplary manufacturing therefore positioning the company well ahead of the pack in the PTV electric scooters and gas scooter category.

The Uberscoot product range is wide and diverse, they mean to cater to the whole market in powered scooters. Their products are great for recreation, commercial purposes, sporting activities and short distance utility travel of all kinds. It's no surprsie that the increasing demand for highly sophisticated transport alternatives like the Uberscoot brand have seen the Company go from strength to strength.

The core values of Uberscoot are to ensure that the products offered are cost-effective, reliable, convenient and entertaining to use.

Interesting History of Uberscoot

Uberscoot is an internationally renowned producer of quality Personal Transport Vehicles (PTV) designs. The design company behind Uberscoot and Evo Powerboards is the Puzey Motor Corporation.

Puzey has a 20 year heritage in technology and innovation. All Uberscoot products go through rigorous testing using advanced yechniques created when the company was in it's infancy. So far, Puzey has sold over 5 million products. Puzey is recognized for the leading role it has played in the development of the Personal Transport Vehicle industry around the world.

A list of Firsts By The Puzey Motor corporation

  • First commercially available electric scooter
  • First locking and folding system on an electric scooter
  • First fast release seat on an electric scooter
  • First linkage suspension on an electric scooter
  • the first 2-speed drive on an electric scooter

For those interested in more information about the Company, head on over to the Uber Scoot Youtube Channel for more information direct from the manufacturer.

Compare Uberscoot Electric Scooter Models

The first Uber Scoot model on the agenda is the child-friendly 100W electric scooter which is the equivalent of some of the electric Razor scooters out there.

Kids Uberscoot 100w 12V Junior ES01

This kids Uberscoot is built just as robustly as the adult scooters, just scaled down for kids and with a far less powerful motor.

At 100W power this could be the perfect introduction to electric vehicles for your little daughter. The Pink Uberscoot 100W used to cost around $199 on Amazon.

However, Uber Scoot did not forget about the boys and of course they have also made a Blue version of the kids 100W 12V electric scooter.

The 100W ES01 is the lightest scooter in the Uberscoot range. It has great performance, attractive colors and is aimed at keeping the little ones happy!

The Junior UberScoot ESO4 300W 24V Electric Scooter

The 300W ES04 is a similar model as the 100W although it carries some upgrade modifications. The design is also neat but its higher power specification makes it suitable for traveling distances over 12KM. The unit only takes about an hour to charge and it can travel up to 13mph. Quite some speed for such a little motor.

Once again the Kids 300W 24V Electric Scooter does come in the fetching pink color if anyone would prefer to be seen riding around on a Pink model.

The Pink ES04 is identical in every way to the Blue version, except of course, the color.

Uberscoot ES06 Budget Electric Scooter

The 36V S500W ES06 carries the least power in the ES06 range. Some of the features on this model include the 10” tires with high comfort ride, the DC brush motor, Li-Ion batteries as standard capable of sustaining a 15km distance and electronics that are water-resistant.

Click the image to buy the Uberscoot 500w 48v.

The Uberscoot ES06 range also comes in 800W 36V, 1000W 36V which was one of our top-rated electric scooters, a 1200W 48V model and an even more powerful 1600W 48V model which we link to at the bottom of the page.

Roundup Of Other UberScoot Models

The S800W ES06 36v has a removable seat. Some of the other features include comfortable 10” tires. Li-In batteries and a riding distance of around 17km, water-proof electronic systems, and DC brush motors.

The 1000W ES06 36V comes with a front suspension. Its tires are 12”, a removable seat, DC brush motor, LED lighting, distances of 18 km and water-resistant electronics.

The 800W ES08 CITI HUB is an electronic scooter which folds. This model is up to 10kg lighter compared to the previous models and its travel range is 15 KM. it has a Gel battery and its batteries could be upgraded to the lithium type for greater performance. An upgrade would increase travel range to 30km and reduce the aggregate weight even further.

The 1000W ES16 36V uberscoot is the perfect make for long distance travel. It has the single biggest range of electric scooter charging system available anywhere.

The 1000W ES17 48V is the faster version of the 1000V 48V. The scooter weighs 38kg. It has compact efficiency, easily lock down and fix-up system of folding that enables easy storage and transportation.

Most Powerful 1600W 48V Electric Scooter

The most powerful in the range of UberScoot scooters is a highly rated 1600W 48V model which is fast, lean and a great price.

The SX 1200W and 1600W ES06 48V HUB is the most powerful Uberscoot in the ES06 range. Some of the features found include and AC hub motor, LED lighting system, batteries are high-powered 48V voltage, a ride of up to 24KM distance and an electronic system that is water-proof.

Features of the Uberscoot 1200W/1600W 48V ES06

  • Ventilated 140mm disc brakes front and rear
  • Water resistant digital controller electronics
  • New design LED key and battery indicator system
  • Mudguards as standard
  • Optimised quick-release seat installation and removal
  • One-touch folding lever for easy folding
  • Road-legal front and rear lighting
  • Quick release handlebars
  • Smooth front Cam-link suspension
  • Sport brake levers

Who Are Uberscoot Customers?

The uberscoot products are in general designed for family use and commercial purposes. Some the designs are suitable for kids, sporting competitions, and mid-range distance commercial and commuter use. These electric scooters can be used by local delivery companies to deliver light-weight products from place to place.

In towns buried by traffic the UberScoot can be used to relieve every-day commuting pressures for faster point-to-point transport. Most people travelling short distances to their offices, market, schools, church etc. would prefer to use a scooter as opposed to a car because fuel and parking are cheaper and easier to manage.

If you should ever ned it, Uberscoot used to sell accessories and components and in the past, you could get hold of UberScoot Spare Parts on Amazon.

Uberscoot provides customers with outstanding high-quality products and affordable pricing. Their Personal Transportation Vehicles are made in a wide variety of models and configurations to suit different people. Although there are cheaper imitations available, it is not easy to replicate the Uberscoot design & quality.

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