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Xootr produce some fo the best quality adult scooters
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Xootr Kick Scooter Fan and Consumer Reviews 

Over the past few years, kick scooters and even folding bicycles popularity has increased beyond most expectations, more so the adult kick scooters. The high price of car insurance and gas may be partly to blame, but also the traffic congestion and climate-change awareness of the younger generation are contributory factors.

This perhaps, not-so unexpected popularity can also be attributed to the fact that over the years kick scooters and folding bicycles have become truly excellent in terms of performance, build quality and the uncompromising fun ride they offer.

One of the best known companies that manufactures among the best adult kick scooters and folding bikes on the market is the , Xootr company. For the record you can never list the best adult kick scooters without mentioning Xootr kick scooters, this has been the case since 1999. Yes, they are the best quality kick scooter manufacturers. They not only offer the best there is in terms of scooters, but they do offer a wide variety of scooters to cater for everyone.

Xootr Kick Scooter Comparison Table

Image Name Title Brand Model Product Type Color Carry Strap Brakes Deck Frame Handlebar Max Deck Length Deck Width Deck Height Max Handlebar Height Min Handlebar Height Max Rider Weight Lowest price Rating Tires Weight Wheel Bearings Wheel Diameter Wheelbase Mudguards Suspension Folding Features Warranty Length Warranty Description Details
Compare Xootr MG Adult Kick Scooter
Xootr MG Xootr MG Adult Kick Scooter Xootr MG Adult Kick Scooter Red/Black/Blue/Green Optional extra Front with optional rear fender brake Magnesium Magnesium Steel 25.0 " 7.4 " 3.0 " 38.0" 25.0" 250lbs $329.00
Ultra-low resistance polyurethane 9.9 lbs Shielded, self-lubricating R8ZZ 180.0 mm 28.3" Rear No Yes USA Design, Front handlebar brake, Extra wide deck, Low center of gravity, Large 200mm wheels, Premium kick scooter 1 years 30 days return, 1 year warranty against defects in materials or manufacturing
Compare Xootr Ultra Cruz Adult Kick Scooter
Xootr Cruz Xootr Cruz Adult Kick Scooter Xootr Cruz Adult Kick Scooter Silver Optional extra Front with optional rear fender brake Laminated birch wood Aluminum Steel 24.0 " 7.9 " 3.0 " 38.0" 25.0" 300lbs $319.00
Ultra-low resistance polyurethane 10.5 lbs Shielded, self-lubricating R8ZZ 180.0 mm 28.3" Rear No Yes 1 years 30 days return, 1 year warranty against defects in materials or manufacturing
Compare Xootr Roma Adult Kick Scooter
Xootr Roma Xootr Roma Adult Kick Scooter Xootr Roma Adult Kick Scooter Silver Optional extra Front with optional rear fender brake Aluminum Aluminum Steel 24.0 " 4.0 " 3.0 " 38.0" 25.0" 300lbs Out of Stock
Check availability
Ultra-low resistance polyurethane 9.4 lbs Shielded, self-lubricating R8ZZ 180.0 mm 28.3" Rear No Yes 1 years 30 days return, 1 year warranty against defects in materials or manufacturing

The Xootr Company and its Interesting Past

The roots of Xootr Company can be traced back to 1999, by then it went by the name Nova Cruz. The initial owners of Nova Cruz were Karl Ulrich, Nathan Ulrich, Tom Miner and other partners such as lunar designs and Cheskin Research. Nova Cruz company, manufactured the first ever Xootr kick scooters, the Xootr Ex3 electric scooters and the Voloci electric motorbikes. In 2003 Nova Cruz came to be known as Xootr LLC, this is after the initial financiers sold the company to Karl, Nathan and Tom.

Despite the name changing, the company continued to deal with mainly adult kick scooters. Over the years the company has experienced incredible growth, which saw the company move to another level. It is during this development period, that the company did start to manufacture bicycles too. This new venture was graced by the inner desire of the company to produce bicycles with excellent performance that will provide the imperative, non compromising ride.

Buy Xootr Products DiscountedXootr adult kick scooters

Capable of being folded into a reasonable compact configuration within the shortest period of time and a bicycle that could be easily packed into a suitcase for air travel, within an average of fifteen minutes - Xootr really have produced some smart products.

Xootr Product Range

The Xootr Company is famed for its two main products; kick scooters and folding bicycles. One of the first products of the Xootr Company is the kick scooter. They are normally characterized by their 180 mm polyurethane wheels, which are fitted onto aluminum hubs and have hand brakes for front wheels,. The old models did have hand brake for the rear wheels, but Xootr changed the design as they were not as effective at stopping.

They also do have large wheels, these wheels are larger compared to other folding scooters. This large wheel ensures riding is much easier and comfortable too. Another characteristic of Xootr kick scooters is that they possess larger platforms that are capable of accommodating adults. The platforms exist in plywood, magnesium and aluminum all of these at different prices. There are various models of Xootr kick scooters they include the following; Xootr Ultra Cruz, Xootr street, Xootr Venus, Xootr Roma and Xootr Mg which we look at below.

Xootr Cruz Adult Kick Scooter

The Xootr Cruz (discount link) was the original Xootr kick scooter. This scooter has amazing features as well as its flexibility due to the wooden deck, which is in contrast to the rest of the aluminum deck models.

The Xootr Cruz feature include the following; a classic wooden deck that normally provides that skateboard feel, wide platform which is comfortable for cruising, ultra low resistance polyurethane tires, which are normally supper efficient for gliding and shielded , self lubricating bearings.

Xootr Street Adult Kick Scooter (Discontinued)

The Xootr Street is another model of adult kick scooter that can only be described as the best-in-class for those who love to own the best of the best. This is the original Xootr model and as such does have a bit of a cult following. Made of high grade aluminum, it's futuristic style is unmistakeable. At the time that the Street was released they called it the most technologically advanced Kick Scooter in the World.

Some of the amazing features of this scooter includes include the following; its virtually indestructible deck, a wide platform that is super solid and wide enough to support both feet and shielded, self-lubricating bearings.

Xootr Venus Adult Kick Scooter (Discontinued)

The Xootr Venus (discount link) is up next. This is the best scooter for those who love to be different .The scooter is not only different but beautiful too.

Some of its features include the following; a most intricate deck that is pretty and tough at the same time, a narrower center that does provide a better 'kick-ability’.

This is different to the other Xootr decks which are built for width and sturdiness rather than a smaller femal frame. Ultra low resistance polyurethane tires for a super-efficient glide, a front brake and shielded ,self-lubricating bearings top-off the features of the Venus.

Xootr Roma Adult Kick Scooter (Discontinued)

The Xootr Roma (discount link) is the lightest Xootr kick scooter and the most compact model. It has a super narrow deck for those that prefer a more classic kick-scooter look and feel.

As well as the narrow deck and light weight, the Roma has the following features in common with the rest of the Xootr range; ultra low resistance polyurethane tires for a super-efficient glide and shielded, self-lubricating bearings.

Xootr Mg Adult Kick Scooter

The Xootr MG (discount link) is the latest kick scooter, in the range. It has a beautiful, sleek and modern look. Some of the features of this scooter include the following all magnesium deck that ensures it is very light.

The Xootr MG has the lowest deck, compared to the other kick scooters in the range which is optimal for efficient mobility transport and foot-kicking. A nice and wide platform for comfortable cruising, ultra-low resistance polyurethane tires for a super-efficient glide and shielded and self-lubricating bearings.

Xootr MG Review Video

Xootr Swift Folding Bicycle

Of course, as well as the kick-scooters, Xootr does manufacture the Swift Folding bicycle (discount link) too. The bike can only be conclusively described as great, considering the fact that you can even fold the bicycle. The bike is technically a real bike, only that you can fold this one. It also has classic frame angles and wheelbase. Generally the bike is super-efficient for all sort of riding, except to off road mountain biking.

Swift Folder bicycles came by as a result of joint partnership between Xootr LLC and Peter Reich who is the Brooklyn based inventor of the Swift Folding Bike. It is because of this partnership of design and business that Swift Folding bicycles came to be.

The partnership saw the production of what could be only described as elegant, high performance products at a price that provides tremendous value to the customers for the quality.

Some of the numerous advantages of this bike include the following; the bike easily fits in a bicycle rack, it also fits easily in an elevator, bus or even your car. It is also exceptionally lighter than your conventional bicycle.

You can fold the bicycle within 5-10 seconds, you can also modify, upgrade or repair the bike with standard components, the swift is priced attractively compared to other folding bicycles it also has a lifetime frame warranty.

Xootr Swift Folding Bicycle Video Review

Buy Xootr Products DiscountedXootr kick scooters discount link

Xootr also does sell bicycle rack system that enables mounting of a standard bicycle bag to almost any bag especially on bicycle with small wheel.

Overall the Xootr company products appeal to people of all types, especially those attracted to exquisite products that are modern and efficient too.

Go and get a Xootr now! One of the best kick scooters for adults, you simply can't go wrong!

There is a nice PDF Xootr manual for you to download below:

Xootr Speed Test NYC

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Xootr are highly popular and top quality kick scooters for adults - 5 stars!

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Xootr are very high quality, hence the price when compared with others. Even so the Xootr MG in particular is a best-seller

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Sadly, I have had to part ways with Xootr after both of my scooters developed metal fatigue at critical points. it's just not worth it to risk so much money on their latest generation, which is stronger, to find out if it is strong enough. I'm now riding Micro.

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Hi Bob and thanks for the comment. Yes, It looks like Xootr withdrew a lot of their previous designs perhaps due to the strength. The new design MG should be a lot better though. It is selling well so we'll see what the feedback is like in a while. Overall I guess any kick scooter will show some damage depending on how hard you ride it and how heavy you are. Do you think riding conditions contributed to your Xootr metal fatigue? Was it the metal or a joint that suffered?

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