6 Of The Best Mega Discounted Kids Ride-On Toys

Black Friday Best Discounts on Kids Ride On Toys

Need some great ride-on toys at the best discounts? Then look no further!

As well as reviewing some of the perennial best kids ride-on toys in our regular pages, we have also looked at some of the better kids ride-on discounts that are out there this year for Black Friday and gathered them for you all in one place.

So as Black Friday deal day is here again, you must be asking yourself; "Why go out to the stores on this day when I can shop online and avoid the fuss?"

Well many deals are not just available for Black Friday, even though they are advertised as such.

The discounting may well have started during the run up to Black Friday but while stocks last, as the saying goes - the discounts should also be good for a while after that. I.e. Until Cyber Monday and beyond.

This collection is 6 of the very best, deeply discounted items that you will find for kids and each one has at least a 50% discount compared with the original price.

I guarantee that you will not be disappointed with my selection of best Black Friday deals for Kids Ride-On's so lets look at what we've got.

There is one trailer which is super-smart and re-buildable. A kids electric ATV Quad bike, three pedal tractors of different types and a vintage police roadster for those who like that style.

All of these toys are good for young children from the age of 2 years to around 5, depending on their height.

1. Rolly Toys Red Junior RT Pedal Tractor with Farm Trailer

27% discount - reduced by $88

This great little farm tractor (pictured above in this articles heading pic) has a 4 star rating and excellent reviews. It's hard to argue with the $100 discount as it would provide a lot of pleasure for a toddler.

In contrast to the electric vehicles around these days, this tractor has pedals to strengthen their little legs and get them fit for farm fun. 

This little red tractor includes roll bars that can be attached and it also includes a trailer. The trailer is, of course an essential addition to any quality farm play.

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The hood lifts up for extra realism and it has solid tires with a quality chain-drive pedal mechanism.

2. Rolly Toys Yellow JCB Backhoe Loader Pedal Tractor

30% discount - reduced by $107.53

The nice-looking JCB backhoe loader is a real monster of a ride-on tractor with its double front and rear scoops! Any toddler will find this pedal tractor really exciting. Almost as much as the parent will find the deal exciting!

It has oversized hard resin tires which will last for ages, especially if the tractor is used on grass or mud. The tread on the tires will work well in that environment as they will not slip.

Perfect fun for young Farmers who are in training! The reviews of this Backhoe loader are all good. Rolly Toys have a good reputation and this model is no exception.

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It has a chain drive pedal system which is really robust and the front hood lifts up for extra realism. This Backhoe loader will need a little bit of assembling so be prepared for that but it looks to be a minimal job.

3. Dexton Police Pick Up Vintage Roadster Pedal Car ($86 discount)

23% discount - reduced by $86.49


What can I say about the super-cute vintage Police Roadster from Dexton. The discount is a whopping $86 and that's unusual because a lot of people like these vintage cars these days.

I know it's often parents who make the choices for their toddlers, but most Mums and Dads do like the old-school look, especially when it comes to their toddler riding around in something as cute as this.

The Dexton Police Roadster is only available in the USA (other countries have different models) and it has some cools features. This Black Friday Deal may not last until Cyber Monday.

The headlights work, which is a nice touch along with the wood veneer on the side panels giving it that old fashioned car feel. When the kids have outgrown it, this will make a great ornament!

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The tailgate opens, which all kids will like and the tires are rubber which gives the wheels a great grip when the kids are pedalling it. Let's have some old-fashioned flavor this Black Friday!

4. Rolly Toys Yellow JCB Farmtrack Pedal Tractor

28% discount - reduced by $90.94

Rolly Toys have done it again with their JCB Farmtrack Pedal Tractor. It is made of high impact molded resin plastic, the type which is designed to withstand hard knocks.

The front hood will lift up as with all the Rolly models because, if your kids are like my son they will love to open up the vehicle to look into the engine.

I like this pedal tractor, it looks basic but it's solid and all the important details are there. For example it has front and rear hitching gear so you can attach the all-important trailers.

Which proper tractor cannot accesorize with a trailer?! This one certainly can. It's an excellent Black Friday discount for a top-quality German ride-on toy. Grab it while you can.

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The reviews on Amazon are great and the discount is for Black Friday but looks like it will last until Cyber Monday as long as they have stock.

5. Rolly Toys Multi Trailer With Double Axel

33% discount - reduced by $100.01

I am particularly fond of this excellent Black Friday deal. A trailer is totally versatile, it can be used on its own or hitched up to any of the best pedal tractors we have on this page.

This particular Rolly trailer is so good because you can literally dismantle the whole thing and rebuild it any which way you want.

The kids will still be playing with the trailer long after they are too big for the actual pedal tractor that you bought it for.

As well as the tilting trailer bed, the sides can be removed, opened, re-configured and the entire trailer will look different each time. This is a marvel of German engineering in a toy.

It is worth looking at all the configurations and ways that you can build up this trailer before you buy because you really are buying 5 trailers in 1.

It's got 4 Stars on Amazon and this is likely because it has a metal chassis for durability. The top parts are made from the same high impact resin as the Rolly tractors (also all German)

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The trailer can tip to the side and to the rear, has a pivoting front hitch for realistic play and looks like the real deal. A great gift even as a standalone present.

6. Lil' Rider Ruckus Red GT Sport Battery Operated, Electric ATV

35% discount - reduced by $70

This cute ATV Quad bike is perfect for a 3 year old and maybe a bit older and younger than that. There is a bit of building required, like all of these ride-on toys and so you need to take that into account.

Build the toy first, do not give it to the child without opening the box! Some people have reported that it's complicated to build but with a Black Friday discount like this it's probably worth giving it a go.

the vast majority of the reviews for this cute ATV are very good and Lil' rider have a great reputation, so I don't see any major issues here.

This ATV is available in both Red and Blue. It comes with a 6 Volt rechargeable battery. The 6 Volt rating means that it's not too powerful, will not go too fast and therefore it's good for toddlers.

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This model is operated by a switch on the handlebars for stop and go, so your little toddler need not worry about operating pedals.

Thank you for checking out my list of best Black Friday picks for best kids ride-on toys. Please go ahead and leave a comment below if you know of any better deals on these toys!

The video below shows what you are missing by shopping online instead on sale days!

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