The Most Popular Ride On Toys For Kids Or Adults This Year

The Most Popular Ride On Toys of This Year For Adults Or Kids Listed

It's November already, Black Friday is almost upon us and Holiday shopping for ride-on toys is about to begin in earnest.

Well, here we are nearly at the end of another year and we have had thousands of visitors to the site.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the great feedback about our ride-on toys reviews.

This website has grown considerably

The website has grown considerably and I really appreciate the time that everyone has spent reading my posts!

So as people start to look back over their year, I thought it was a good time to do a bit of a retrospective.

Let's reflect on which ride-on toys have been the most popular for this year.

First of all, I should explain that we initially concentrated on kids electric ride-on cars, kids ride-on tractors, ride-on toys and kick scooters.

This sharp focus did change a little throughout the year, mainly because of the amazing feedback I got from a post I wrote about adult kick scooters.

Well, I thought these grown-up kick scooters might be popular but I had no idea exactly how many adults were going to read about and buy them.

So here is a breakdown of the most popular ride-on toys this year.

Most Popular Kids Ride-On Toys

Kick scooters

The kick scooter has become every kids must-have ride on toy. In my day it was skateboards or roller skates but everyone seems to love the kick scooter now.

They have been by far the most popular reviews on this site. The Dirt Scooter has also been very popular along with the Mini Micro Scooter and also the Maxi Micro Scooter.

These models are all a little specialist but seem to have lots of fans across the board.

I think parents who are extra safety conscious like the Micro Scooters because the 'two wheels at the front' design provides a lot more stability than a regular Razor.

Kids Electric Ride-On Tractors

What can I say about The Kids Electric Tractor category of ride-on toys?

Both boys and girls love these things and if you live in a rural area then the kids will have plenty of space to drive these around and enjoy playing at farming.

There is something about tractors

There is something about tractors that make them attractive to kids, no matter what age or era they were born in.

Top toys of the year - the Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor

Our grandparents loved tractors as kids, so did our parents, so did we and so do our kids.

Each generation seems to love a good ol' farm vehicle and the modern update of making these farm ride-ons with electric motors has really given them a new lease of life.

A modern twist is the kids farm utility vehicle, which is aso very popular. That said, the older style pedal tractors are still popular.

I'm sure that other parents, like me want their kids to exercise while they play and a bit of pedalling never did any harm.

In fact the pedal tractor is easier to maintain because it doesn't need constant re-charging, some would say that parents like them even more than the electric version.

However, The kids electric tractor has been the most popular this year.

Kids Batmobile Electric Car

Top Kids Electric Car This Year Is The Batman Batmobile

Batman has never really been out of fashion since the 1960's and we have seen a lot of attention given to our Kids Batmobile Electric Car review this year.

Batman is clearly loved by parents

It has been a slow but steady purchase throughout the year, because it is a little expensive.

It looks like parents have delayed their purchase until the end of the year and so right now it's taking off like a rocket.

I suspect that there will be a lot of happy Bat-kids this Christmas!

Little Tikes Cozy Truck

The Little Tikes Cozy Truck Is In Our List Of Most Popular Ride-On Toys Of The Year

The Cozy Truck by Little Tikes is another top kids ride-on toy that has been around for many years.

It's particularly good because slighty older toddlers and young kids can ride them as they are a little larger than the Cozy Coupe.

It's slightly more modern than it's Cozy Coupe cousin but has been just as big a hit.

Little Tikes must be very pleased with their entire range of Cozy cars. I know that all kids love them so why not treat your little one?

I find that even older kids still love these trucks and love to ride them even when they are clearly far too big for them.

Another hit from Little Tikes with its many variations like the off-road and Princess models.

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

Little Tikes Cozy Truck Most Popular Ride On Toy Of The Year

There is almost nothing I can say about the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe toddlers car that has not already been said.

The Cozy Coupe must be one of the most popular kids ride-on toys ever.

This cute little car has been around for 30 years and is a bigger hit now than it was when it was introduced.

Little Tikes certainly got something right when they decided to make this beauty. It is sure to be a big hit this year again as Holiday season comes around.

And why not? This long-lived ride-on deserves to be around for many years to come.

As The Cozy Coupe is so popular on Toyrider and I'm sure that Little Tikes must have given the designer a medal!

Adult Ride-Ons

Adult Kick Scooters

Top Adult Kick Scooter Of The Year Micro Flex Blue

It's rare to live in a city these days and not see a lot of people getting to the office on a kick scooter.

Especially models like the folding adult kick scooter which has transformed city transport for thousands by providing a compact, highly storable set of wheels that can be carried on a bus or train.

The adult kick scooter can easily be stored in a backpack and stowed under a desk for super convenience.

These models differ from the more traditional sports and stunt-type kick scooters that kids have been riding for years.

The adult kick scooter version tends to have larger wheels and a more complete braking system than the kids kick scooters.

Adult Electric Scooter

Uberscoot 1000w 36v is a top electric scooter and very popular this yearI have to say that the Adult Electric Scooter falls into two categories. There is the toy-like version like the Razor electric scooters and then there is the motorbike-like version which is most definitely not a toy.

These faster, more powerful adult electric scooters have also taken off this year as people realise they are an alternative transport for a short commute or shopping trip.

Some models will travel up to 30 miles an hour

Some models will travel up to 30 miles an hour and their battery charge will last a few hours making them ideal for 2-4 short trips a day.

You can charge them overnight and they are ready the next day.

The kids electric scooter models have always been popular and Razor have the best-known range.

They are solidly built by a trusted name in kick scooters and people like them.

Do not mistake the Razor's for the powerhouse adult electric scooter like the Uberscoot or the Elite turbo which is supposedly the fastest adult electric scooter on the market!

Self-Balancing Hoverboard Scooter

The Swagtron T1 and Swagton T3 Bluetooth Are Top Sellers This YearThe self-balancing scooter (or Hoverboard) has been around for a little while but really seemed to take off this year.

They are a little expensive and a crossover adult/child gadget toy so it looks like a lot of people have delayed their purchase until the holidays.

They are a great gadget for anyone who likes fun on wheels and really appeal to young adults who like to have fun as well as younger parents who can share them with their kids.

Self-balancing hoverboard scooters are best sellers on Amazon right now and that status is definitely reflected in the activity that we see here.

The 2 wheeled version are know to be the cheap self-balancing scooter type and the single wheel are more expensive but a better ride.

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