Batman Batmobile kids 6 Volt Electric Ride-On Car Is Pure Adam West Nostalgia

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Batman Batmobile 6v Electric Ride-On Car
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Types Of Kids Batman Electric Vehicles

Because there is a little confusion about the different types of kids batman electric ride-on's out there, we aim to help you choose the right one by listing them all right here.

The most popular models right now are all made by Fisher Price except one, which is the original Batman Batmobile in the main picture at the top of this page. Each model has some differences:

The choices are:

  1. Batman Batmobile Car (Original Batmobile)
  2. Batman Lil Quad Quadbike (For very young kids)
  3. Batman Kawasaki ATV (For toddlers and with an ATV Style handlebar)
  4. Batman Dune Racer ATV (For toddlers and with a car style steering wheel)

Batman Batmobile Electric Car Comparison Table

Title Image Name Color Battery Voltage Charge Time Ride Time Max Rider Weight Age # Riders Reverse Gear Operation Brakes Speed Steering Type # Wheels Tires Terrain Construction Material Features Product Weight Seatbelt Category Product Type Warranty Description Warranty Length Rating Lowest price Details
Batman New 6v Battery Powered Ride-on Car
Batman New Batmobile
Batman New Batmobile Black 6 v 14 hrs 2 hrs 55 lbs 1 Yes Push button start/stop. Gear shift forward and reverse n/a 2.5 mph Steering Wheel 4 Hard plastic Hard Surfaces Plastic New Batmobile styled after recent movies No Electric Vehicle Kids Electric Car n/a
Fisher Price Power Wheels Batman Lil' Quad Electric Quad Bike
Power Wheels Batman Lil' Quad
Power Wheels Batman Lil' Quad Blue 6 v 6 hrs 8 hrs 40 lbs 1 No Push-button operation for easy stop and go n/a 2 mph Handlebar 4 Hard plastic Grass, Hard Surfaces Plastic HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Batman colors & graphics, sporty ATV styling and awesome toddler-friendly features like built-in footrests and a secret storage compartment 16 lbs No Electric Vehicle Kids Electric ATV One Year Limited Warranty, and a 6-month battery warranty 1 years
Out of stock
Fisher Price Power Wheels Batman Dune Racer Electric ATV
Power Wheels Batman Dune Racer
Power Wheels Batman Dune Racer Blue 12 v 6 hrs 8 hrs 130 lbs 2 Yes Gear shift forwards/reverse n/a 2 - 5 mph Handlebar 4 Hard plastic Grass, Hard Surfaces, Rough Terrain Plastic HDPE, Steel Realistic off-road styling and Monster Traction system drives on hard surfaces, wet grass and rough terrain , speed lockout, steel frame, steel sidebars 60 lbs Yes Electric Vehicle Kids Electric Car One Year Limited Warranty, and a 6-month battery warranty 1 years
Out of stock
BRC Toys Batman Batmobile Electric Car
BRC Toys Batman Batmobile
BRC Toys Batman Batmobile Black/Blue 6 v 3 hrs 2 hrs 40 lbs 1 Yes Gear shift forwards/reverse with fast/slow button n/a 3 mph Steering Wheel 4 Hard plastic Hard Surfaces Plastic Classic Batmobile styling with parental remote control and music player. Headlight, center lights and a multicolor center light 51 lbs Yes Electric Vehicle Kids Electric Car 30 days exchange n/a
Out of stock

So first of all, let me begin by saying it's possible that you arrived on this page because you actually want the Batman ATV by Fisher Price which is a top selling Batman vehicle.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Batman Lil' Quad

I've listed this Lil Quad separately because it is the cheapest Btaman ride-on but it's also the most popular and a best selling item on Amazon. The Reviews for this Quad bike are great and it looks like a low-priced no-brainer for very small kids. This cute electric quad is now discounted to around $65 which is a $30 discount that includes free delivery!

Buy the Kids Electric Batman Batmobile Car Discounted Buy the Fisher Price Kids Power Wheels Batman ATV now (around $65)

Alternatively, if you really do want to read a review of the equally cute Batman Batmobile kids 6v electric car then read on!

Batman Batmobile 6v Electric Ride-On Car

So if the actual Batmobile is what you really want then the good news is thatit's now back in stock! This electric ride-on is a best selling item on Amazon UK. This popular 6V kids electric ride-on car is best for toddlers (1 to 5 year olds) because of the size of the seat and speed of the car.

The Batman electric car is a fair replica

The Batman electric car is a fair replica of the more recent Batman movies rather than the older 1960's Batman TV show which starred Adam West.

However, it looks to me like they have taken several of the different cars from each Batman movie and styled them all into one design then come up with this car.

That said, it is reminiscent enough of the 1960's TV show and you can imagine Adam West rising around in it. At least if you are an older dad like me, you can.

Batman 6V Electric Car Unboxing Video

Buy the Kids Electric Batman Batmobile Car Discounted Browse and buy the Batman 6v Electric Ride On Car now! (from around $172 + $35 Shipping)

However, it is obvious when you first look at it that it is the Batmobile. Even without the decal stickers it's clearly Batman's car and that is the most important thing for Kids!

Even our 8 year old who is really not that familiar with Batman recognises this electric ride-on as Batman's vehicle.

I suspect that this toy might be more one for the dad's who would be proud to see their kid riding around something that they recognise well from their own childhood.

Nevertheless it's a great sporty looking kids electric car to have a lot of fun in and can last a few years if you buy it when they are 1-2 years old.

Features of the Electric Batmobile

There are some nice touches on the Batman Batmobile kids electric car. For example the steering wheel has buttons that make electronic noises and the headlight lights up.

The dashboard buttons are fun and the volume of the noises they make is not too loud but they might be a little scary for a 1 year old (but they will get used to it)!

The steering is pretty accurate and not power assisted

so again a very young child may not have the strength to turn the Batmobile.

They have a neat solution for this which is why I would say it's a good present for even a 1 year old - the car has a parent's remote control that overrides the on car controls!

Imagine your little child sitting in the Bat car and being driven around remotely by you!

Well, that's a lot of fun in itself and they can learn to drive and steer it when they are a little older.

The parental remote is also a nice safety feature if you are in a big wide-open area and the young driver has travelled a little to far for comfort.

Simply take control with the remote and drive them back to you!

The car comes with it's own charging cord and the charge lasts for at least 2 hours of continuous play which is a good quarter-day of driving.

It takes a while to charge up fully, around 10 hours but that's fine for an overnight charge.

The motor takes a lot of power from the 6 Volt battery and the nice bright headlight (good for driving around at dusk in the yard in wintertime) probably drains the battery some as well.


As with most kids electric cars reviewed here, this Batmobile is not pre-built and comes packaged in various parts that need to be assembled.

Of course it's also worth considering that adults have varying abilities when it comes to constructing these ride-ons and it may take you a few hours.

All the right parts were in the box when we built it

and it did not need any extra tools or drilling to put together. My point is that you need to be sure that you construct this Batmobile in a place that the kids cannot see or get into like a locked room or garage.

If the car building takes longer than you expect then the kids surprise will not be ruined!

We noticed that the decal stickers are not always put on so well out of the box, so if you are a perfectionist you may want to steam them off and re-stick them perfectly.


  • Realistic looking Batmobile Parental Remote Control
  • Does not drive too fast for young kids
  • Should only take 1.5 hours to construct out the box
  • Stickers already applied
  • Good for 2 to 5 year old
  • Power charging cable included
  • Has a good seatbelt
  • Styled single front headlight


  • Power cable can be a little short at 3 feet long
  • Is only 6 volt battery so not very powerful for bigger kids
  • Will not drive great over long grass, uneven ground or wet ground
  • A little expensive, but it is the Batmobile after all!
  • The battery can easily be over-charged if charging for more than 4 hours

In all, based on consumer reviews and our own opinion this car is a great electric ride-on that keeps everyone, even the parents happy.

Kids of all genders and ages love cars

and this sporty looking Batmobile is no exception. It will last a few years if you buy it when they are 1-2 years old and you needn't worry about the car being over-powered or travelling too fast.

It's 6 volt battery is not as powerful as the 12 volt electric car models that are available, but I prefer this as it's really a safety feature for very young kids.

Replacement Battery For Batman Car

If you have accidentally over-charged the battery and are looking for a replacement 6v 10Ah battery for the kids batmobile then look at these discounts for the battery. Be sure to buy a 6V 10Ah rated battery, there are several options and it should be SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) type.

Fortunatly they are not too expensive and your car will be back up and running in no time. In fact, why not by 2 batteries and always keep a spare on charge to swop out when the one in use loses it's charge?

Buy the Kids Electric Batman Batmobile Car Discounted 6V batmobile replacement battery (around $10.00).

Replacement Battery Charger For Batman Car

If there is one issue with these Batmobile cars, it is that plenty of parents have complained that the chargers have tripped out or broken. This could be because the car itself has a lead-acid battery and is quite a powerful. The charger supplied may not quite up to the job, especially if the battery is over-charged.

If you do need a new charger then much like a real car that you need to be careful and connect the charger terminals the correct way around. Because you will have to connect the charger direct to the battery terminals instead of using the cable supplied, the red charger cable should be connected to the battery Positive (red) terminal and the Black charger clip should be connected to the battery negative (black) terminal.

Also be sure that the charged is switched to 6 Volts (6v) and not 12 Volts (12v). Here is my recommended link for a new charger.

Buy the Kids Electric Batman Batmobile Car Discounted Replacement battery charger for batman car (around $9.27)

Batman Batmobile 6V Electric Ride-On Car Conclusion

All-round this is a cute little car, I would say that it is a little on the small side. If your child is a very tall 5 year old then it will be too big for them. With this in mind I would recommend it for 1 - 4 year old's who are not too tall or heavy. The parent remote control is a neat feature which both adult and child can have fun if the child is too young to learn how to drive it.

The seatbelt is also a neat feature, because even though this little replica does not travel too fast at least there will be no bashing into walls at high speed or falling out of the car if the seatbelt is not done up.

So all-in-all it's a cool gift, as I said maybe this one is more for the Dad's because of the retro-styling but I'm sure that the kids will love it too. Just make sure that the older children stay off it, because it's really not big enough for them!  So why not wallow in Batman nostalgia with the toddlers electric batman car ride-on batmobile? You know you love it, so let your kids love it too!

Buy the Kids Electric Batman Batmobile Car DiscountedBuy the Batman 6v Electric Ride On Car now! (from around $172 + $35 Shipping)

Please go ahead and feel free to leave a comment about this popular Batmobile ride-on below. It's one of the best kids electric cars around, especialy for the smaller toddler!


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This Batman Batmobile is a big hit with the kids but parents seem to have challenges charging it

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I would like to know whom I need to contact regarding the bat mobile (black) I bought for my grandson. I purchased this through Groupon and they were no help at all. I replaced the battery and charger and the car still won't run, not too happy with this at all.

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Hi Roxanne, if you bought the toy through Groupon, you should identify the retailer that sold it to you. The retailer has responsibility for the warranty. Find the receipt or credit card statement and identify the retailer and contact them!

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