Is the Phase Two The Best Razor Dirt Scooter? We Take A Look!

Best Dirt Scooter Razor Phase Two Review

The Razor Phase Two Dirt Scoot is a pro dirt scooter and one of the best kick scooters for adults & kids for off road use. It has been created and quality assured by Team Razor Pro Rider John Radtke!

Introduction to the Razor Phase Two Dirt Scoot John Radtke

The Razor Phase-Two Dirt Scoot Pro is a high performance scooter built for dirt jumps, rollers and grass tracks and it is suitable for parks as well as streets. The device has undergone multiple testing phases to ensure that Razor introduces a high quality product.

Update: It looks like the Razor Phase 2 Dirt scooter in this review is now unavailable. But there is a great and similar priced alternative also from Razor - The Razor Black Label Pro Dirt Scooter.

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This Razor Scooter is an innovative kick scooter that is a result of development, design and a rider driven concept. The dirt scoot is outfitted with superior parts to ensure excellent performance. For instance, it features high pressure tubes and tires with custom design tread patters, brakes that utilize the advanced the cartridge system and HIC-compatible handle bars among others.


As you might expect with a top-end stunt scooter, the John Radtke is packed with features.

Wheels and Tires

The scooter features high pressure (80 psi) tubes and tires that are designed with knobs for aggressive traction in dirt as well as a smooth center-rib for rolling on pavements. They are extremely fast, a quality that most riders cherish. The scooter also has a two-piece split-core hub design for an easier tube and tire maintenance. The tough and durable wheels are designed with high grade 10mm steel axles.

The high pressure and all terrain tires with the new hydro-formed designed make it suitable for different surfaces. The wheels are connected to an advanced breaking system that ensures a swift slow down or halt the scooter is in motion.

The Handlebars

It has over-sized HIC-compatible bars that can be interchanged with other Phase Two handlebars. They are durable and high performance handlebars that are made of 4130 Cro-Moly. They have a riser Y bar design with three degrees of back sweep. The bars are neither too wide nor too skinny which makes them ideal for controlling the scooter. They are designed with the pro style soft grips for a firm yet comfortable grip when riding. The handlebars have been set at a position that enable you to comfortably control the scooter while in an upright position. This adds to the proper balancing of the scooter.

The Brakes

The scooter’s braking system is comprised of a die cast stamped-steel spring which uses the new cartridge system. This includes a gusseted head tube with bearing cups. The unique braking system allows for easier rear wheel assembly as well as switching of the brake styles without modifying or changing the decks.

The brakes can be interchanged with the Phase Two flex fenders or spring brakes and have been designed to slow it down or bring it to a halt really promptly. You will not have to worry about losing balance, skidding or falling over after applying the brakes.

Construction and Deck

This is a sleek style scooter that built for experienced riders. It is constructed using a hydro-formed down-tube design with large footprints for a stronger bond. It has a phase two X brace aluminum deck which is 4.94 inches wide and 21.65 inches long. Impact resistant deck plugs are normally installed in the cutouts so as to protect the rider’s ankles as well as the structural integrity of dropouts. It also helps to keep the deck clean by keeping the dirt out.

The non-plunged phase two style deck/down-tube weldment which connects the deck and the down tube results in:

  • A strong bond between the down tube and the deck
  • Direct connection of the deck’s internal X-brace to the down tube
  • A superior surface for the nose blunts

Pros and Cons


  1. It is one of the fastest scooters, a factor that can be attributed to the high pressure tires
  2. The scooter is suitable for riding on different surfaces
  3. It is a sturdy and stable hence will not allow you to lose balance or fall when riding
  4. It has a sleek and beautiful design
  5. The scooter is perfect for dirt


On the down side:

  1. The original grips tend to be uncomfortable may have to be changed with more comfortable ones
  2. The breaks can be a little noisy
  3. Most users complain of the deck height which is too high to ride comfortably
  4. It is generally heavy and tends to be burdensome to carry around
  5. The tubes tend to puncture quickly and may need to be replaced after a short time


The Razor Phase-Two Dirt Scoot Pro is a unique scooter that has revolutionized the world of freestyle scooting. It is a durable and high performance device. Before its release, it was refined and tested by the world’s renowned riders who have a complete understanding of what scooting entails. It is a strong and well-built scooter that can ride on almost every type of surface.

It uses an advanced cartridge braking system which assures you of a swift halt when in motion. If your are looking for the best scooter that is of high quality, beautiful, strong and safe the Razor Phase-Two Dirt Scoot Pro scooter will be the best option.

Update: Because the Razor Phase Two in this review is now unavailable - ther is a great alternative also by Razor - The Razor Black Label Pro Dirt Scooter.

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You can buy the Razor Pro RDS Black Label Dirt Scooter here ( lowest price: ):

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If you want to take a look at the manufacturers full specifiaction sheet then you can download Razor's RDS Pro Dirt Scooter Product Manual right here:

Razor RDS Pro Dirt Scooter Manual Download

We hope you enjoy this review of the Razor Phase Two Completes Dirt Scoot Pro. It is one of the best kick scooters for adults and kids for off-roading! Please go ahead and leave a comment below!

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Introducing the Phase Two John Radtke Dirt Scoot

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