The Ferrari FXX Go Kart For Big Kids And Other Berg Pedal Go Karts

Kids Ferrari Go Kart and Comparison Review of the most expensive kids pedal karts

The Go Kart is one of the most popular kids ride-on toys ever and has been around since the beginning of time. the pedal-kart's popularity does not seem to be slowing down at all and one of the top end manufacturers in the world is Berg from Germany.

Although the petrol powered version makes for the popular sport of go-kart racing, kids enjoy the pedal kart versions just as much. Now adults can enjoy the pedal-karts as well because these high-end Berg karts are large-sized and great for kids, teenagers and adults alike!

One of the best things about these four-wheeled pedal-powered vehicles is that they can be ridden anywhere there is a good amount of space, across the backyard and through the neighborhood or around a track of any kind.

Some of these vehicles even come with gears, so there are plenty of options to choose from depending on the area your kids want to ride in, their experience, and their age/size.

These large Berg Go-Karts are great for kids from 8 to 11 or 9 to 12 years old, because it's hard to find an electric ride-on car for kids of that age. But also they are good for 13 years old up to adult because they are adult-sized!

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Here is a list of arguably the best Go Karts available on Amazon and certainly the most expensive and high-end karts.

Berg Safari AF Pedal Go-Kart

This Go Kart is a cut down introductory version of the  magnificent Berg range and it is different to most of the other models because it has no gear shift. The Berg Safari pedal vehicle comes in yellow hue and their trademark spoiler that covers the steering column.

As with the other larger Berg kart models this one also has air-filled tires that use an inner tube much like a regular car tire. Berg offer a full range of spare parts for this model (as well as all their other models) for a lifetime of fun if maintained well.

(Discontinued/replaced by updated & similar models)

Guaranteed to be both safe and durable, made with heavy wall steel tubing so you will not have to worry if your child is rough while playing in this one or about continuous maintenance!

This vehicle is rated for ages 12-99 on the Berg website but we know  of a 5 year old who has no trouble pedalling it! . Adults can also drive if they are less than 250 pounds with just a few easy seat adjustments.

  • Go Kart Dimensions: 63in Depth x 34in W x 36in H / Weight: 111 lbs
  • Constructed of a Tubular Steel Frame with a Powder Coating For Durable Protection
  • Features: Oversized Off-Road Pneumatic Tires- Provide a Controlled Ride With Superior Traction and Durability
  • Automatic Freewheel Allows Driver to Pedal Forward, Coast With Pedal Static, and Pedal in Reverse to Drive Backwards!
  • Handbrake Applies braking to Both Wheels simultaneously and Can be Locked in Place
  • Fitted with a Swing Axle which allows Front of Frame to Pivot for Control on Uneven Surfaces
  • Double Sealed Bearings in Each Wheel Keep Kart Rolling Effortlessly for Years
  • Easily Adjustable Seat Makes Kart Comfortable for Ages 5+/ Max Weight: 287 lbs

Sadly, the Safari AF model is discontinued by Berg now but you may still find it for sale as a used item on Ebay or the Facebook marketplace.

Berg Toys Off-Road X-plorer X-treme

The X-plorer X-treme pedal Go Kart comes with the advanced features like pneumatic tires to give you more of a controlled and fluid ride with great traction and durability.

The vehicle was designed with safety in mind; it has a roll bar, over an inch of soft padding, a swing axle which will help with maintaining stability on uneven surfaces, plus a parking brake!

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(Discontinued/replaced by updated & similar models)

Again, due to the fact that this vehicle has 3 gears with a SRAM shifter, it is going to be for older, more experienced drivers. In addition to the vehicle itself, it comes with a fully functional spare tire, including cover, which fits nicely onto the back of the seat.

Berg Wrangler BF-3 Pedal Go Kart Ride-On Toy

Although similar to the Berg X-plorer X-treme, this vehicle is great for off-roading! On the back, you will find a spring loaded hitch pin which will allow you to pull a friend when they get stuck or tow a trailer behind you!

Equipped with a hand brake as well as a coaster brake pedal that is easy to engage if needed.

Compare The Berg Jeep Wrangler BF3 Pedal Go Kart Review

(Discontinued/replaced by updated & similar models)

The tubular steel frame has a powdered coating to offer exceptionally durable protection. Keep in mind that this seat may not have as much padding for comfort as some of the other vehicles do, which means it can get wet without damage.

The Jeep Wrangler is now discontinued by Berg but they make a very similar model, The Jeep Revolution. It doesn't have the rear mounted spare tire and is a little cheaper. The is priced at

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John Deere Automatic Freewheel Pedal Tractor

Designed to look much like a John Deere tractor, this green and yellow vehicle comes with rubber tires designed with all terrain tread and has a higher up seating position. The swing axel allows for great maneuvering and the pedals can be moved in backward, forwards, or coast mode.

A proportion of the price for this John Deere Go Kart must have gone on the John Deere logo licensing, but some kids will not settle for anything less than the real thing and again the large size means it will last forever.

(Discontinued/replaced by updated & similar models)

There are a few reports of the seat requiring replacement after some use as it seems to be less durable than the rest of the construction, but it looks like the seat problem only occured in a few cases so Berg may have fixed that issue by now.

There are also reports of a loud squeaking coming from the undercarriage that cannot easily be found or fixed. However, as with the other Berg Go Kart models it is a chain driven Kart and I'm sure that this is something a drop of oil can sort out quite easily.

The tricky part for some parents will be gaining access to the chain to oil it, but turning the kart upside down will do it nicely!

Sadly as of 2020, this excellent tractor pedal go-kart is unavailable.

BERG Toys Ferrari FXX Racer AF Pedal Go Kart

The Berg Ferrari FXX Racer AF is just that, a racer. Very light weight, coming in at just under 90 pounds, this vehicle was created with a compact tubular steel frame, meant for speed.

Officially licensed by Ferrari, your child will feel like a professional racer with the Prancing Horse Symbol emblazoned across the front.

(Discontinued/replaced by updated & similar models)

The convenient hand brake will stop both wheels at the same time and can be locked if a parking break is needed. This vehicle is definitely made to be driven on a track, whether it is dirt or paved. Safety may be the only potential worry about this Go Kart, as it has no roll bars.

Do not mistake this larger more expensive model - the AF Racer for either the Berg full-skirting and very high end Ferrari FXX Exclusive BFR-7 which is available through some outlets for around $1200.

Also it is not the smaller Berg Ferrari 150 which is the go-kart for 5 year olds, you can click through to our link for Amazon discounts and find the Ferrari 150 there. In fact why not get both the larger and smaller one and have some dad and son racing fun together?!!!

  • 7 gears with coaster brake which also acts as an automatic freewheel and has 3 gears
  • Super slick extreme tires - with these tires you will ride super fast
  • Swing Axle allows all 4 wheels to be in contact with the floor, regardless of the terrain.
  • Double Ball-bearings - for extremely smooth steering
  • Adjustable steering wheel - to adjust perfectly for your height
  • Soft grip steering wheel
  • Comfort sport seat with seat belt
  • Front, Nose and rear spoilers - makes your go-kart aerodynamic
  • Disc brakes
  • On-Board computer - to see how fast and far you go
  • Side skirts

Now you have the knowledge of some of the best Go Karts on the market and hopefully this will help you to make the decision as to which is best for you and your child’s needs.

Just like any other product, each has its own pros and cons and is specifically designed with certain features in mind. It is up to you to take all factors into account prior to making your decision.

Like the John Deere model above, this wonderful Ferrari Pedal Go-Kart is now unavailable but most models have been replaced and/or updated by Berg as part of their 5+ range which are the same large dimensions as listed here for 5 years old to adult sized kids!.

Keep in mind that all five Go Karts listed above are top of the line and will make your child happy regardless of which you choose to get.

Keep in mind that these Berg Go Karts are not the toddler sized karts that are usually seen in toy stores, but large karts that teens and adults can pedal as well. See the video below for clarification of the size and how the seats can be easily adjusted for small kids to adults.

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I hope you enjoyed this review of the top large sized Berg Go Karts, surely some of the best high end ride-on toys on the market. Feel free to comment below if you have one or can help others with hints and tips!

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