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The Best Childs Mercedes Electric Car Review

This Kids Electric Mercedes Ride-On Car is one of our favorite kids electric car reviews. This great mini classic replica Merc also has a reverse gear so you don’t have to go pick up the car and turn it around when it get stuck in a one way position.  The best thing is that it has a remote control for the parent that over rides the cars controls! Remember that if you do not want an electric vehicle look at our other best kid's ride-on reviews!

The Vintage Mercedes 300sl kids ride-on car is a super cool children's electric car that will make you yearn for the real thing! As you can see, this Mercedes Benz kids ride on has a neat retro look with great lines.

Well a lot has happened in the past year since I first wrote this review of Mercedes Electric Ride-on cars. Mainly that there are so many more models available. You can now get large Merc SUV's, 4x4's and vintage vehicles. A lot of the electric car manufacturers do make replicas of specific models.

This means that if you have a favorite Merc then you can likely find that model on Amazon now. Just click the Buy link below for discounts on these kids cars and if the model you are after does not show up on that page then search for "Kids CL Mercedes Electric Ride-on Car" or something similar to that.

You can buy the Giantex Mercedes-Benz 300SL in RED here (lowest price: ): Buy The Classic Mercedes Benz Vintage 300SL Kids Electric Ride-On Car In This Review

Classic Vintage Mercedes Electric Ride-On

This is a very cool-looking old-skool Mercedes. In fact, it's the old SL model and a fair replica at that. There are a couple of colors to choose from, red and black. If you want dark and moody color then the black is for you. It looks super-slick.

It comes with two six volt rechargeable batteries that is provides more than enough power to drive the twin motors that have a fast and slow choice, but don’t fret, the fast is not too fast! (5/5mph Max)

This way the car stays relevant from a very young age when your little one does not know how to steer to when they get older and are able to competently steer for themselves, although the parental remote will still come in handy to help them out of the little jams they get into from the comfort of your sofa!

The recommended age group is from 2 and up but in my opinion that it might start getting to small for kids over 130cm tall, much like the John Deere Tractor in our Peg Perego review.

The plastic body is tougher than it looks and is very sturdy and well built, however the high glossed paintwork does seem to scratch very easily. They have clear plastic flashing lights; all kids love them for some reason!

The engine noises and horn that adds to the whole experience of driving but the best feature is the MP3 player, it came pre-loaded with a few songs but you can hook up your own iPod with the on board connector  and combined with the all the other features this really is a great role play ride on that has the kids smiling and really relishing driving it.

You can buy the Giantex Mercedes-Benz 300SL in BLACK here (lowest price: ): Buy The Classic Mercedes Benz Vintage 300SL Kids Electric Ride-On Car In This Review

The one downside, is that you can really only comfortably fit in one child so they will be fighting over it! The car is able to be ridden indoors and it does squeeze through your standard internal doorways but you will have to think about storage as it is quite big and does weigh 18KG.

But you can steer it into the garage with parental remote so no lifting! It does come with a spare tire and the manufacture states that it is in case one tire wears out, which is a bit silly as all tires should wear out at the same pace! The car runs well on all surfaces and is quite good at getting up grass slopes in the park.

The car has an indicator to let you know when to charge the battery. The battery does give about an hour of playtime so you need to be aware of that and takes an hour to charge

It was delivered very quickly from Amazon, although it could be packaged better as parts were rattling about in the box on delivery. The manufacturer is quick to respond and send out any spares that are needed. The manufacturer says it should take about 40 mins to assemble but allow for an hour and half and follow the instructions carefully and methodically and you will be all right.

Overall a great electric ride on that will turn heads in the park but with a few minor grips that are not a deal breaker considering the price and it is much better than 90% of the other electrical ride ons out there!

The range consists of an amazing Range Rover which is discounted right now for that 4-wheel drive outdoor look and the Maserati which is a super cool option!

It is basically the same car but with a different body that doors that open gull-wing style, a trunk and the internal styling that will make your kid the envy of the street and park! We will cover some in-depth reviews of the rest of these great models soon.

The ultra-vintage black Mercedes pictured above is not stocked in the USA for some reason. Maybe you all prefer the newer models while in Europe they prefer the vintage look. In any case there is still a wide range of new and vintage-looking Mercedes kids ride-on's for the US discounted if you follow the link.

You can buy the Giantex Mercedes-Benz 300SL in RED here (lowest price: ): Buy The Classic Mercedes Benz Vintage 300SL Kids Electric Ride-On Car In This Review

So if you love these Toddlers Electric Mercedes Cars - and can envisage your treasured toddler riding around in one, then make them look cute in a vintage style Mercedes! You can find all the best ones like the Vintage Kids Mercedes 300SL Model above by following our link and then choose your favourite one so go grab one of the best ride-on cars for your little ones now!

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