Is The Reddie Adult Electric Scooter As Good As It Looks?

Best Looking Folding Adult Electric Scooter The Reddie From Red Rhino

The kick scooter has now become one of the most popular kids wheeled toys but how about the electric versions? More to the point - what about the adult electric razor scooter models that are all the rage right now?

The electric scooter for adults is fast becoming the most searched for item on this website which is a huge indicator of its popularity.

The laws and regulations do vary from place to place with these electric scooters, so be sure to check if they are OK to ride in your town.

However, if you are smart and safe, wear protective gear and don't unnecessarily interfere with pedestrians you should be fine in most places.

Don't take my word for it though, it's worth checking so you don't get a ticket!

One of the issues with these adult electric scooters is that they do look a bit like technical gadgets and many of them look like they have been built out of a construction kit.

If anyone remembers Meccano, that's what they look like with lots of bolts and steel strips with chrome an nuts sticking out all over the place.

The Reddie adult electric scooter breaks the mold because it simply looks so good

The Reddie adult electric scooter breaks the mold because it simply looks so good. A lot of care has been taken in the design of the Reddie and it looks really sleek, high quality and professional.

It is the Porsche styled adult scooter and that is a rare thing right now. The Reddie really is an exceptional adult electric scooter in the looks department.

Just take a look at other electric scooters on the market and you will quickly see what I mean. This model has a high tensile steel frame for serious strength and a nice large kickboard for standing on.

The board is raised over the rear wheel so you need to stand on it with one foot behind the other. Your rear foot rests on the raised section at the back.

This is a perfect commuting scooter. It is not the fastest or most powerful adult electric scooter on the market but that may not be important if you are just looking to commute a few miles to work each day.

It is a folding scooter which means it can easily be thrown in the trunk or carried onto the train. It's not so heavy and a medium build person would be able to carry it for short distances without any problem.

The drive system is a quiet belt-drive to the rear wheel. These drive belts are used in performance motorbikes and are a lot less noisy than a chain drive system. The belt drive also has the advantage that it is maintenance-free. No oiling is required at all to keep the scooter on the road.

Red Rhino, the manufacturer recommend that you charge the battery as often as possible. It is a dry lead-acid type battery which does not degrade over multiple charges like a regular rechargeable battery.

It is much more like a car battery which must be kept at full charge all the time. There is an easy-access 12Volt 3A Charging socket on the left hand side of the scooter.

They also recommend that you give the battery an initial 4-6 hour charge before riding for the first time. A green light will let you know when the battery is fully charged and the smart charger will not over-charge this battery.

The maximum speed of the Reddie adult electric scooter is around 13mph

The maximum speed of the Reddie adult electric scooter is around 13mph depending on terrain and incline. However, for safety purposes, Red Rhino really do not recommend that you ride it in wet conditions.

They say that even though the battery is fully sealed, it's a sensible precaution to take. Personally, if it's wet I will stay inside and not be tempted to go out on a scooter at all!

There is a decent rear brake, hand-operated  on the left-hand side of the handlebar. An important safety feature to mention is that the electric motor will not start unless the handlebar lever is pressed and there is also some forward motion.

This safety feature makes sure that the scooter will not lurch forward unexpectedly when it's stationary. You will only ever travel forwards deliberately!

Here are some Pro's and Cons's of the Reddie that I have noted:


  1. Extremely pleasing to the eye
  2. Very high quality
  3. Belt drive
  4. Range of up to 14 miles
  5. Over-charge battery protection
  6. Around 30 mins to assemble
  7. Pneumatic tires for a smooth ride


  1. Cannot be used in wet conditions
  2. Not powerful enough for hills
  3. Best used in flat conditions
  4. Not best for heavier people

Here are Red Rhino's Specifications for the Reddie Adult Electric Scooter:

  • Storage: Instantly folds down for easy storage and carrying
  • Frame: High-tensile steel
  • Brakes: Hand-operated band brake for rear wheel
  • Drive: Quiet belt drive
  • Motor: High efficiency, ceramic motor. High output, 5 hp at 3,500 RPM peak
  • Motor Control: Single speed, solid state/electro-mechanical system
  • Switch: Spring loaded safety trigger switch
  • Speed: Up to 13 mph (Higher speeds can be attained going downhill)
  • Range: Level ground – up to 14 miles
  • Charger: Portable charger (specify 110v or 220v)
  • Operating Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Battery Capacity: Sealed lead acid dry cell 12v, 18Ah battery.
  • Dimensions: 38 x 15 x 56 inches
  • Weight: 22 pounds


As of 2020 this Reddie model is now unavailable.

In it's day, the Reddie Electric Scooter really was one of the best looking adult machines on the market - that's for sure. It is a medium powered scooter, which means it's not the fastest or most powerful you can get.

I like this model for commuting to work or scooting around the campus because the lighter power is a trade-off for a lighter weight. Therefore it can be carried short distances, at only 22lbs it's not a monster machine.

If you like great-styling and high quality then go for the Reddie. It's now economical pricing might persuade you that it's the adult electric razor scooter for you!

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